Monday, August 18, 2014

AIJEK - Make My Monday!

Just a few more hours before you exclaim "I SURVIVED MONDAY!" We help make it easy with this new dress from AIJEK!

Fate Jacquard Bustier Dress in ivory
Also available in black


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yumi Kim - New Dresses!

Frolic and flirt on in new Summer frocks from Yumi Kim! Unleash your flower power!

Gracie Dress in Orange Blossom

Summer Getaway Dress in FLoral Grid

Jayne Dress in FLoral Grid

Mackenzie Romper in FLoral Grid

Surprise Top in Flower Grid

Wrap Dress in Blue Flower Power

DayDreamer Maxi in Blue Flower Power

Wrap Dress in Black Flower Power


Karen Lee Fenwick Spotted Looking Fab' In AIJEK's Unfold Embroidered Bustier Dress in Navy

Karen (third from left) received lots of compliments in AIJEK's Unfold Embroidered Bustier Dress (SGD319). It's not hard to see why.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

"Good things come in small packages" - need we say more about our little sunny island which is turning 49 this weekend?

Let's pull out our party hats and celebrate by taking SGD49 off every SGD249 that you spend on AIJEK from 8-10 August, Friday to Sunday (regular-priced apparel only)!! Pick something out to be seen celebrating Singapore's birthday in this weekend! 

Here're just a few of the many possibilities we have for you!

Clockwise from top left: Drifter Lace Midi Skirt (SGD219), Kayla Jacquard Twist Tank (SGD159) with matching Pleated Shorts (SGD169), Kayla Twist Dress (SGD249), Drifter Sheer Triangle Camisole (SGD159), Beginnings Asymmetric Dress (SGD189), Fate Jacquard Tank (SGD139) with Wanderer Double-waisted Shorts (SGD169)

Here's to many more fantastic and fashionable years ahead, Singapore!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Beauty Summer-stash: Mandy T Skincare Is Here Till 7 August!

For those who haven't gotten their hands on Mandy T Skincare's all-natural plant-based body-loving treats... why not??!

Well, you still have a chance to! Bag any two products and Mandy T Skincare will throw in a travel-size soap, and two samples of a body scrub and a body lotion! These pampering goodies with divine natural scents are sticking around only until 7 August.  

New additions: all-natural bar-soaps with dish at SGD29.
With so many lovely scents, these no-nasties, slather-easy indulgences are must-have's in your Summer-stash!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer-Shopping Snippets

Thank you for bringing so much sunshine to our Summer-shopping affair last weekend, everyone! And we spotted some pretty pieces you bagged from us previously - some recently, some that brought back memories! Thank you for your unwavering support!

We hope you all enjoyed quenching your thirst with natural juices and skincare, and of course, Summer frocks! You sure looked like you did! 

Happy red balloons Ros, Pam, Zhing and Dawn came with brought even more cheery smiles to our Summer-shopping affair!

Essely and Beverly got photo-bombed!

Everybody loved hic'Juice!

Desiree, Essely, and Beverly show you having a dress in all colours makes the world a happier place!
Ooh, and that's Mandy Tan of Mandy T Skincare in white, in the flesh, drinking hic'Juice next to her all-natural products which so many of you brought home! Happy pampering!!!

While waiting, one of our customers' little girl got her hair braided by Rowena, the sweet lady behind Tutu Le Petite. Perfect hair-do for the Summer, don't you think?

That's all for now! Till next time, ladies!


Double Trouble, Double Time... At Our Summer Shopping Event Last Weekend!

Laura lovin' the Peggy Hartanto Sepal Dress in navy, and Eileen, the Lulu Yasmine Roses Dress in black (Eileen's first black dress. Whaaaat?! Well, we're glad you got it from us! :) )


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Aijek + Tutu Le Petite At "Sweet Summer Lover" Shopping Event

Aijek Wanderer Double-strap Toga dress paired with Tutu Le Petite's tutu maxi in black.


Beverly and Essely Summer-shopping!

Beverly (seen here in Peggy Hartanto's Adhenine dress in white) and Essely were inspired by Kim's Aijek-with-Tutu-Le-Petite outfit and decided to both get their own. Nice!