Monday, July 25, 2011

Yumi Kim - Snitch Your Own Leon dress!

Introducing the new summer "IT" dress. This Leon dress is detailed with mini tassels to give it that polished yet chic look.

Yes! Patience, ladies! Pre-order details are coming right up... To stamp your mark on one, drop an e-mail, or a line, at (+65)6338-7060. Leon arrives at Trixilini next Mon, 1 August (what a lovely way to start a fresh month), but you can be sure they're not hanging around for long (missing out would totally ruin the rest of your month).

Leon Dress in Blue - Front view

Leon Dress in Blue - Back view

Leon Dress in Coral - Front view

Leon Dress in Coral - Back view


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Felz & Nez - Summer Sparkles Necklaces in store now!

Shan Necklace - SGD$109

Fuse Necklace - SGD$139

Blanc Necklace - SGD$179

Todai Necklace - SGD$109

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trioon - Victoria in Orchid-Navy Colour-block

We will never be tired of something we love... That's why our closet has to make room for Victoria once more, this time in a colour-block of orchid and navy.

Victoria in orchid-navy colour-block
SGD 198

Only 5 pieces are available! Are those claws I see?


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choo Yilin Jade

Say 'hello' to our latest addition to the family, Choo Yilin, as she introduces her lovely, far-from-dowdy jade collection. Crafted with Grade A Jadeite (natural jade that has not been processed, or treated to alter its colour) and 18K-gold-vermeil-plated metal-ware, these sustainable gems that marry old-world glamour with modern luxury, exude exquisite feminity and grace.

Rings with mini-flowers
(Rhodolite-garnet-iris on the sides)
SGD 195 each

Flower Jade-bud Earrings
(Rhodolite-garnet, London-Blue Topazes, Amethysts in 18K-Rose-Gold-Vermeil)
SGD 220

Petal Stud-Earrings
(Rhodolite-garnets set in sand-blasted yellow-gold)
SGD 270

Garden Pendant Necklace
(Rhodolite-Garnets, London-Blue Topazes, Amethysts)
SGD 380

Flower Jade Bangles
(London-Blue Topazes, Amethysts)
SGD 380 each


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yumi Kim - Summer Collection in store now!

Fun, Flirty, Fresh!

Float through summer with these easy breezy styles!

Liz Romper in Violet Tulips

Lizzie Dress in Blue

Liz Romper in Blue

Lizzie Top in Garden Party

Goddress Maxi in Garden Party

Goddess Dress in Garden Party

Tess Maxi in Garden party

Kristen Top in Roses

Yumi Top in Roses

Liz Romper in Roses

Jayne Dress in Hawaiian

Stacy Pants in Black - Front

Stacy Pants in Black - Back

Jayne Dress in Nava Stripes