Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fabulous 2014, everyone!!

Dressing up for NYE today? Those who haven't got a dress to change into tonight, here's one you will rock in! Those who have already decided on a dress, you might change your mind after seeing this one.

Go dark and sexy with AIJEK's Wilful Innocence Weaved Contrast Dress in navy with peek-a-boo's in all the right places!

Wilful Innocence Weaved Contrast Dress
SGD 249

Want something even sexier, and in a brighter hue? Look no further than AIJEK's Alice One-shoulder Drape-dress.

Alice One-shoulder Draped Dress (also available in black)
SGD 319

And for the first day of the New Year, be seen at brunch/lunch in these!

Rachel Maxi
SGD 319

Toga Jumpsuit
SGD 339

Have a wonderful 2014!!!!!

Team Trixilini

Trixilini Wishes You A Fabulous New Year!!

Greetings, ladies!

Another year is coming to a close. Good times and bad', you have gone through them and we're pretty sure we were a huge part of your best times! :) Thank you for making another year awesome for us with your undying support!

As the curtains fall on 2013, we celebrate the New Year where we promise to continue bringing you lots more wonderful moments, frocks, and all things beautiful!

And since we're all in such merry mood, we've decided that the sale on AIJEK shall be extended till 5 January! Now, that has got to be the first piece of many fabulous news to come in the new year! So, come stock up on your Lunar New Year wardrobe while going a little easy on the purse!

Visit us on the first day of the New Year, 1 January, between 12 to 6PM to start your year right!

Happy, fabulous New Year, all you gorgeous ladies!! Please have a blast! *pops the champagne*

Team Trixilini

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post Christmas SALE Starts Today!

Glad tidings we bear to you merry ladies as we make sure you're well-dressed all through twelve days of Christmas and as you step out of 2013 and into 2014... without your purse getting roasted over the fire. With incremental discounts, it's the more the merrier! 


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Just 6 more hours to Christmas Day, everyone! Our store will be open from 12 to 6PM tomorrow! Have a jolly Holly, one and all!


Last 2 Days To Claim Your 10% On Jewellery!

In a mad-frenzy on the absolute last 1.5 days to bag and wrap Christmas presents? 

Don't forget you get a 10% DISCOUNT ON JEWELLERY with us from now till tomorrow, and they'll come prettily packaged, too! Otherwise, we've got sandals or candles that'd make lovely gifts too!

If all else fails, our 'pink money' in an envelope (also in pink, of course) in denominations of 50 and 100 will save the day!

Merry shopping, everyone!


Team Trixilini

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Just Got Merrier!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Christmas just got merrier this year as your favourite Santarinas at Trixilini bear news of joy... joy of knocked-off prices on beautiful tops and dresses you need to gift yourselves with this season!

Whether it's Christmas-carolling, a party at home or out there, or just strolling down the streets to bask in the magic of this best-time-of-year, we've got something you'd want to be seen in. Here are just a few of the many pieces on sale now you should bag.

Starwisher Embellished Skirt in Old-gold
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now SGD100!

Starwisher Embellished Tank Top in Old-gold
SGD 219
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now SGD100!

Kite Lines Jumpsuit in Turquoise (also available in black)
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now on 30% discount!

Floating Bubbles Skater Dress
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now on 30% discount!

Stolen Dreams Lace Dress in black (also available in teal)
SGD 299
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now on 50% discount!

Surreal Low-back Drape Dress in turquoise (also available in navy)
SGD 349
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now on 30% discount!

White Lies Lace Dress in white (also available in navy, and grey)
With a wave of our magic-wand, it's now on 20% discount!

Don't you simply love this season of giving (to yourself)?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Party Blings from Frue!

Savoy Earrings - SGD 139

Polina Earrings SGD119

Arina Necklace SGD 149

City Earrings SGD 109

Cartiara Necklace SGD 139

Eternal Earrings SGD 109

Lindsay Earrings SGD 129

Midorie Necklace SGD 119

Pamela Earrings SGD 79

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas! Take 10% off Jewellery till 25 Dec!

Season's greetings, all you lovely ladies! We're in the happiest month of the year! And what do you do when you're happy? Swipe your plastic like crazy, of course!!

While you're at it, claim your Christmas pressie from us - 10% off jewellery from now till Christmas Day!

Our operating hours on Christmas Day, 25 December, are from 12 - 6PM!

Have a most wonderful Christmas!!

Team Trixilini

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013