Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trioon - New Arrivals (Jersey Draped Dress, and Maxi, in a Print)

Something is getting us excited again! We've just received our favoured original Jersey Draped Dress in the same flattering cut, with the same sexy drapes, but this time, in a gorgeous blue-purple print! Scroll to feast your eyes!!

Blue Printed Cotton Lycra Drape Dress
SGD 168

And, if you think that's the end of it, we're sorry to say, that this same lovely print has been woven into a must-have stare-magnet maxi dress that looks so chic with flat thongs, or espadrilles/wedges! Great for that beach party, or just breezing down the streets in!

Printed Blue Cotton Lycra Drape Maxi Dress
SGD 188
Styled with Pauline necklace (SGD 149) from Frue

(Close-up View of Printed Blue Drape Maxi Dress)

Quantities are so limited. Call us for yours because you must have it!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year 2011 - We welcome the Year of the Rabbit!

Isn't it great that we get to celebrate two 'New's Year's'? More reason to party; added excuse to dress up! We love that!

But you know what? Time's running out, ladies. If you haven't stocked up for all those visitations and gatherings coming up in early-February, you know you can always sprint to your trusted purveyor of fashion-forward drapes, i.e. us, for all your sartorial (and juicy bauble) cravings! It helps that you can swipe any of your UOB credit cards for a 10% privilege* on those outfits from now until 31 January 2011 only! Yippee!

*Applicable on all regular-priced apparel, with the exception of Ribbon & Roses.

Oh, and of course... How can we forget to list our operating hours this festive period?

Eve of the Lunar New Year (2 Feb, Wed): 11AM to 6PM

First, and Second Days of the Lunar New Year (3 & 4 Feb, Thurs & Fri): We're closed!

Third Day of the Lunar New Year (5 Feb, Sat): We're back in full-force! 11AM to 9PM

Fourth Day of the Lunar New Year (6 Feb, Sun): 12PM to 8PM

And so, before we sign off, all the belles at Trixilini would like to extend our warmest, best wishes to all you sweethearts out there as we continue to be of fabulous service to all your fashion needs and desires, in the Year of the Rabbit!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Felz & Nez - New Earrings in Store!

Zinnia Earrings
SGD 179

Snow Drop Earrings
SGD 159

Nettle Earrings
SGD 189

Blossoms Earrings
SGD 189

Azlea Earrings
SGD 179


Trioon's Hot-Cake: The Original Abbie Jersey Dress...

Guess who's making a come-back, honeys?! Why, it's none other than our must-have favourite Original Jersey Drape Dress from Trioon! But this time, it's impressing us in a long version instead! Woven in a sexy shade of dark aubergine, this modified take on Trioon's evening-worthy hot-seller that clads you even while shopping downtown, is bound to find its way into your closet, ladies...

'Ooh' at the ways you can drape this on your silhouette...

Cowl it for a flattering bust-line

Slide a side off to reveal your sexy shoulder

Throw it behind the shoulders for a 'boat-neck' look

Dab the corner of your lips, ladies. We know the dress is ogle-worthy, so you'd want to place your pre-order with Grace at, or 6338-7060, by 31 January, Monday.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trioon - New Arrivals in Store!

Silver Grey Lace Scallop Hem Blouse
SGD 128

(Close-up View of Silver Grey Lace Scallop Hem Blouse)

Bronze Cotton Sheen Shorts
SGD 128

Off-White Crepe de Chine Blouse with Ruffles
SGD 142

Black Crepe de Chine Blouse with Ruffles
SGD 142

(Close-up of Black Crepe de Chine Blouse with Ruffles)

White Egyptian Cotton Shirt
SGD 128

Black Cotton Pants with Side Drapes and Four Tie Strings
SGD 148

(Back-View of White Egyptian Cotton Shirt)

(Side-View of Black Cotton Pants with side drapes)

(Back-View of Black Cotton Pants with Side Drapes)

Printed Gorgette Dress with Black Crepe de Chine Lining
SGD 188

Beige Cotton Jersey Draped Dress with Soft Netting Sash
SGD 168

Soft Netting Sash can be worn as a scarf...

Or hang loosely at the back.

You can tie a bow at the back.

Cream Italian Cotton Silk Jacquard Dress with Brown Shantung Silk Panel
SGD 188

(Close-up View of Cream Italian Cotton Silk Jacquard Dress with Brown Shantung Silk Panel)


Ribbon & Roses - New Arrivals!

Purple Silk Tunic Dress
SGD 120

Turquoise Silk Tunic Dress
SGD 120

Black Silk Batwing Blouse
SGD 120

Cream Silk Batwing Blouse
SGD 120

(Cream Silk Batwing Blouse with TRIOON's Black Cotton Pants)

Yellow Puff Sleeves Dress
SGD 155

White Soft Cotton Embroidered Tunic Dress
SGD 140

Jersey Circle Print Dress
SGD 150

(Close-up View of Jersey Circle Print Dress)


Trixilini's CNY Dinner at Paradise Pavilion

The taste of the gastronomic sensations we relished yesterday night, lingers as we relive our experience in words here...

We had heard good things about this place, so we had to try it for ourselves; and what better excuse to, than in celebration of the impending Lunar New Year!

We arrive at the spanking new Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), and headed briskly through the stronger-than-usual breeze, towards an elevator that serviced our destination.

We have arrived!

Our expectations and appetites were whet further by their slogan

We were greeted by a friendly service staff who directed our attention to the right where the kilns used by their chefs to bake (the authentic method which would take 45 minutes) their signature Peking Ducks were. Ooh! We could hardly wait to sink our teeth into ours!

We loved the French-inspired decor! The plush seats were really comfy!

Personal-portion appetisers of a Prawn Salad were served. Juicy!

Garoupa (with Gluten and Olives) Casserole
The fish was soft and flaky, with the mushrooms and brown sauce adding a lovely savoury flavour to the whole dish.

Tofu with Black Truffle Sauce (topped with a fried mushroom)
We loved the coat of crisp on this silken tofu; of course, the black truffle sauce was a winner!

Prawns coated in a Wasabi-Mayonnaise blend, with Macadamia Nuts
Prawns were succulent with a hint of crispiness, and the blend, robust.

Ladies, are you ready for this moment we've all been waiting in agony for? 45 minutes are, at last, over! It's finally being wheeled out on a trolley! Our Peking Duck, fresh from the kiln!

The chef's dexterity in carving the bird is somewhat of an entertainment for guests, as it teases and piques all your senses at once. We watched on in delight, especially since it's our table (not to mention our tummies) that the slices are headed for!

O...... M... G!!! You simply HAVE to try this, we kid you not!
The skin is baked to perfection with crispiness that's done just right; fused with modest layers of fat that just melt all over in your mouth, these divine things are to die-for!!! Dab each slice into the white sugar provided! It's awesome!

Would you just look at these pieces of work?! Each slice of flesh, with its natural juices locked in, is enhanced by a fragrant, crispy layer of nicely-browned skin attached. It's 'paradise' with each piece that lands in our mouth.

Yes, we're unabashed about declaring that we wiped our plates clean!! Our palates were given the royal treatment, as we basked in each other's company and delightful discourse. If this meal is the start of good things to come in the new year, we welcome it with open arms. Have a wonderful Lunar New Year, ladies! You owe it yourselves!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gina & Jake Goes on 20%!

May we gush about something, please?! Exotic-skin bag label from the United Kingdom, Gina & Jake, is going on a 20% discount!!! *fans ourselves furiously*

In well-crafted and very practical designs, these luxe yet affordable pieces in precious skins, give high-end designers a run for their money. We'd also like to rave about their yummy hues!

We say, how about spoiling yourself with a wallet in a sexy shade of red this festive season?

Gina & Jake also offers bags and pouches in various colour options, so go on a wild spree! While stocks last, ladies!