Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heather's Mini Christmas preview

Heather's new designs are Haskell-inspired pieces and she used Haskell components, baroque 

pearls from Tokyo and vintage bead caps amongst other items. Her new Baroque christmas 

preview is available for a limited period and comes in 7 pieces only in this collection! 

Long earrings SGD118, Short earring (middle row, far right) SGD108

The 4 long earrings are priced at SGD118 and the short one (only) is priced at SGD108. The 2 rings are priced at SGD89 each.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mario Badescu - Acne Products Guide

Hello beauty Queens!

Many thanks for all your recent enquiries for our Mario Badescu Acne products ranges. 

To assist everyone with your queries on how to zip out those dreadful pimples, here's a detailed explanation of some of the key acne products:


Mario Badescu world famous blemish treatment that will dry up whiteheads overnight. This 

product will prevent irritation from breakouts as well, due to the Calamine content. It is not to be 

shaken, so allow the contents to settle to the bottom of the container. Dip a cotton swab down to 

the bottom and pull it straight back up, and apply a small drop n to those pimples that have 

surfaced in whitehead form. 

This product is only effective on those blemishes that have come to a whitehead or have risen above the surface of the skin.

 Dry up surface pimples overnight (whiteheads)



This treatment works as effectively as the Drying lotion, but on blemished that are underneath the surface of the skin, 

it has a light concealing quality so it can be used during the day and under make-up. This cream should be 

recommended to anyone who has pimples that will not come up to a whitehead. It is also an effective drying 

and healing treatment for pimples that are inflamed and infected due to unsanitary and improper at – home 



- An effective treatment to dry up small pimples that appear as raised bumps in oily areas of skin.

 - Best for combition/ oily to oily skin 


This is a concentrated, sulfur based, oil free cream that will speed up the healing process of irritated, red acne skin. 

It has two main components : Balsam Peru to minimize redness and irritation and Sulfur to ensure that the blemish 

is healing properly

- Sulfur based cream, speeds the healing process of blemished skin and prevents scarring

- Smoothes redness and irritation from delicate healing skin with Balsam Peru


Ideally used as a protective barrier and an overall treatment for erupted areas, this is the 

only product specially designed to target and prevent deep, cystic blemishes. It’s sulfur 

content and lightweight consistency allows the lotion to be aborbed into the skin, 

penetrating and treating the source of the deeper rooted pimples and can be used in 

conjunction with Mario Badescu masks; simply apply under and after mask onto affected 


    -   Excellent spot treatment for cystic acne (blemishes that are deeply rooted)

     -  To help spot treat aggressive cysts, apply 1 drop to the affected area using  finger tip, then apply a thin layer of the drying Mask over it. Wait for 15  minutes, rinse off and reapply a drop of the Buffering lotion.










Frue - Holiday Collection for Deepavali Long Weekend!!

Riva - SGD$ 149

Riva Necklace - SGD$149

Monyca Deux- SGD$139

Maige Earring - SGD$119

    Maige Necklace - SGD$169

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Frue - New arrivals today!

Alison Ring - SGD$139 (HOT Favorite!!) 

     Rae Rae - SGD$69

Reina - SGD$149 (Back by Popular Demand!!)

Angelica - SGD$89

Fifty - SGD$79

Gigi - SGD$79

Monyca (snow) - SGD$129

YU - New Arrivals Just in today!!

Kap - SGD$369

Xian (burgundy) - SGD$499

      Xian - Side View

Xian - SGD$499

Reboot - SGD$369

Kap - SGD$369

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

YU - Clearance SALE Starts Thursday, 16 Oct till Sunday 19 Oct!!

A Reason to Celebrate with Heather!!

Message from HEATHER:

Dear everyone !

What a beautiful morning ! The sun is shining and the market is recovering (slightly) and petrol price is reducing ! hooray !

Anyway.....remember that I was feeling nostalgic ? Well I was counting the years since picking up the tools and wow its been 5 years and I'll be soon celebrating my 4th Xmas with Trixilini !

To celebrate the 5 yrs in the business, I made some "specials" !! Typical Heather trademarks abound ! Earrings with our favourite vintage enamel flowers, Haskell findings, loads of swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls etc ! As usual, there are NO two alike.

The good news ! Each of the special earrings are priced at SGD38 only (a special number for Heather hor hor hor !)..very good for buying yr xmas pressies early!

The bad news ! There are only 12 pairs so this is while stocks last !! ;)

Below is a pic giving a sample of 3 of the 12.. These earrings will be sold in Trixilini from tomorrow onwards !

Each Pair at SGD$38

Each Ring at SGD$59

Mario Badescu Skin Care - Reduce Acne Scarring

Friday, October 10, 2008

Felz & Nez Jewelry - New Collection in Store today!!

Sienna -SGD$189 (SOLD OUT)
     Multicolored moonstones on gold plated ribbon and gold filled hooks

   Elegant De Lustre - SGD$159

Petales Ring - SGD$129
Available in Black and White 

        Blanc Comme Neige - SGD$179

     Manquez - Vous - SGD$159
Green Amethyst with gold filled balls on gold filled hooks

Bleu De Royale - SGD$179

Bebe De Il Bleu - SGD$179

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Boheme Jewelry - New Arrivals in Store today!

 Garden Ring - SGD$149

          Vera Charm Bracelet - SGD$149
Swoop Necklace - SGD$159

Twilight Bracelet - SGD$149

Twilight Vine Earring - SGD$139

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

HEATHER's New Arrival today - The Menagerie!

This little collection is called the Menagerie or Heather's zoo !
The Menagerie collection is more quirky and humourous ! Cause we all need a bit of a laugh these days!
Heather's been collecting the animals for the Menagerie for over a year..slowly building up a weird little zoo look. There are monkeys, tigers, foxes, lambs ...more to come !
Oh yeah..there's new ring designs too ! New stones from Tokyo...

Rings - SGD$120

I'm with Mary ..(SGD190), The coy fox (SGD220)

Eat a banana... (SGD 210), Love me love me do ! (SGD250)

Dumbo and Jimmy the bird (SGD180) (SOLD OUT)