Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jos & Rachel Carla Colour-Block Toga Dress - Pre-Order

For those who have not been introduced, our new addition to the family, cocktail-wear label Jos + Rachel, has created your absolute-essential Spring/Summer number, ladies! We understand how it feels to be torn between two gorgeous shades, and that's why we've deleted your potential dilemma and put them into one dress!! Sexy-hot fuchsia against a mysterious deep-purple that teases with its 'peek-a-boo'... Ooh.. Don't we always think of you?

Carla colour-block toga dress in fuchsia & purple
SGD 329


The drapes on this one gently falls against your curves, yet so ingeniously outlining your silhouette at the same time. Hook on your silver-grey belt and you're all set to conquer those eyes and hearts! Oh, and to accessorise, we recommend a pair of pretty earrings, and a chunky bangle or two on your arm.

We're taking pre-orders now until 8 May, and psst, you might also love the option in mustard against moss-green!

As usual, dial in at (+65) 66338 7060 or email us at to place your orders!

Carla colour-block toga dress in mustard & green
SGD 329



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Royal Wedding Fever!

Just 3 more days to the event that has everyone talking - it's the Royal British wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton! As we soak up the royal wedding fever, we're most certain they're not the only two lovebirds tying the knot this period.

Ladies who are getting hitched and are on a search for that perfect dress, we think you'd adore gowns woven by Posse: Wedding... Scroll and you will know what we mean...

With a sweet-heart neck-line, in a beautiful aqua hue

Doesn't her train make her even more alluring...?

That's just one of the dreamy possibilities, honeys! And just for you brides-to-be out there, we're taking 10% off Posse's bridal dresses, and putting it on our tab from 29th April to 31st May 2011! Call it our little wedding present to you.

All eyes will be on you in your beautiful dress by Posse. But first, take that step and dial (+65) 6338-7060!


Monday, April 25, 2011

KLutched's Bentota On ST Urban!

Yoohoo, ladies!

We hope you had a fabulous (-ly long) Easter weekend!! We'd just like to share our excitement on something that caught our eye on Straits Times Urban two Friday's ago, on 15 April!

KLutched's Bentota was being featured in the arms of one of Singapore's top veteran model, Charmaine Harn!! She was spotted with a lovely lilac leather version, perfect for this Spring/Summer season! Look at how wonderfully it goes with her dress in cobalt! Tres chic and all so effortless!

Bentota in lilac leather (SGD 580)

Bentota is also available in edgy black for that little coy rebel in you.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grecian Dress by Yumi Kim hits store this Easter!


Bring out your inner goddess with this fun new spin on an old world classic!

Similar to the Goddess dress, the Grecian features ruched detail at the bust, a front-tie waist, and a figure-flattering silhouette. With its classic knee-length hemline, a smart jacket makes it great for a casual day at work, while gold accessories can help ease this dress into a great night-out! Whether you want to walk barefoot on the beach or go dancing in stilettos, the Grecian dress helps you do it all!

Grecian Dress in abstract Geo print

Back view


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

KLutched, and Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Hit Town!

They're making us ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ so much, we just had to spill the beans about the two new-ladies-in-town! Meet the first - KLutched!

Menila Classic in brown ostrich leather
SGD 659

Makati in gunmetal snake-skin
SGD 790

Constructed in genuine leather, the label applies the use of textures by piecing together different types of skins and metal-ware to create eye-catching arm-candies that meet your needs at different times of the day. It's sophistication with a bit of fun rolled into one.

Alright, enought talk...

Sentrel in black snake-skin
SGD 460

Ceylon in neutral gold embossed snake-skin
SGD 540

*Trixilini's Pick*
Ceylon in ash black embossed snake-skin
SGD 540

Yarra in yellow snake-skin
SGD 470

Colaba in burnt orange suede
SGD 480

Bentota in lilac leather
SGD 580

Bentota in black leather
SGD 580

You know, it's not only about 'you'! Your trusted best friend who's always around, needs a wardrobe-update, too, this Spring! Here's what we think she'll fancy...

Embossed Ostrich in purple
SGD 120

Lizard-skin in black
SGD 180

Snake-skin in metallic army green
SGD 120

Ostrich leather in pink
SGD 180

Ostrich-skin in navy
SGD 180

Snake-skin in camo
SGD 120

Ostrich-skin in brown
SGD 180

*The above are dresses for your iPhone 4's.

Catch your breath, ladies, because you will now be introduced to the other 'sexy', Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! Doesn't her name just encapsulate your spectrum of emotions for them?

Understanding our insatiable passion for shoes, she offers tres chic pieces in an array of designs, colours, and, of course, heights! And, with a philosophy that shoes have to feel as good as they look, aren't we absolutely sold, ladies?!

Antoinette Flats in (L-R): black, grey and red
SGD 129 each

Leopard Heart in black
SGD 129

Cassidy Heels in (L-R): black & blue, and black & beige
SGD 169 each

Liza Embellished Pumps in (L-R): light grey, and white
SGD 229 each

Imogen Patent Tip in cream with black toe- and heel-caps
SGD 219

*Trixilini's Pick*
Amanda Suede Pumps in (L-R): dark lilac, and purple
SGD 149 each

Amanda Lamb-skin Pumps in nude
SGD 149

Amanda Lamb-skin Pumps in dark grey
SGD 149

Amanda Lamb-skin Pumps in yellow
SGD 149

Chloe Ribboned T-Bar (L-R): in purple, and black
SGD 225

Starfish Thongs in silver, and gold
SGD 145

And... you know what? Because we love to pamper you ladies every chance we get, we're giving you an exclusive 10% discount on KLutched, and Shoes, Shoes, Shoes only from 22 - 24 April (this Friday to Sunday)! Call it our Easter treat to you!!

If you're going crazy scribbling on that endless 'want-list' of yours, we've got something else for you! With your bag in arm, and shoes in place, of course what you're missing is that perfect outfit! And that's what Ribbon & Roses intends to dress you up in, with her Spring collection that will hit the store this weekend!

So you're set to 'wow' all through Spring, honeys! Strut out in spot-on style!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

It's the Good-Friday-Easter weekend this week, ladies! And, as usual, you will receive your Easter yummies, courtesy of Trixilini! We think you want to watch this space!

Happy Easter, ladies!


Friday, April 15, 2011

We Know You "Like" and Want to "Follow" Us (on Facebook and via E-mail)!

Greetings, ladies!

It has come to our attention that some of you might not be aware that you could 'follow' us on e-mail, and 'like' us on our Fan Page on Facebook, and that's why you might have missed out on certain updates about us. *gasps* The horrors of not being fed with all that eye-candy and gossip, I mean, information, on fashion!

To ensure that all grounds are covered, simply submit your e-mail address just below our logo on our website, and, right below that, click on 'Trixilini" in blue just above the Facebook box.

Type your e-mail address in the box just below our logo, and hit "submit". Then, click on "Trixilini" in blue (where arrow is), and you will be led to our Fan Page on Facebook to "like" us.

Just look out for this button on the Fan Page and click on it!

Voila! Now, you're always the first to know!


Frue's New Spring Necklaces are in store now!

SGD 139

Geneva Charm
SGD 159

Evony Charm
SGD 159

SGD 159


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Posse Wedding Dresses

We know what it feels like to want that perfect dress for that all-important event of your life! Put a halt to your wedding-gown-shopping woes and frenzy, all you brides-to-be! Posse is now creating gorgeous gowns, with a bit more oomph and drama, to make sure you are that stunning belle-of-the-ball.

Swoon, ladies...

Corset-look bustier with train in lavender


Bustier with sweetheart neck-line and train in aqua


Bustier with lace and train in lavender


The covetous gowns you have just laid your peepers upon are samples available at our store for trying. Posse offers bespoke services and prices start from SGD 1,800 to 2,400. Interested in having a dress woven in your preferred hue? Drop us a line at (+65) 6338-7060 and we will make arrangements for you to have a chat with our designer for 'thee' most beautiful dress you'll ever don.