Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yumi Kim Hits Our Store Once More!

Ah, Yumi Kim dresses... You're the object of our desire, the apple of our eye... You have such a way with us, and we can never get enough of you...

Lust on, ladies...

Gemma Dress in Tropical

Gemma Dress in Blue Zebra

Lanie Dress in Paint Splatter

Glam Dress in Ebony Rose

Cissy Dress in Ebony Rose - Front

Cissy Dress in Ebony Rose

Branca Dress in Blue Arrow

Yes, we recommend you punch in your order with Grace/Jasmine at (or call 6338-7060) as soon as you've seen this, because 'em sexy things are not going to stick around for long... Sigh...


Yumi Kim - Fall '10

Yumi Kim is at it again... weaving gorgeous frocks in to-die-for prints, and playing tug-of-war with our purses! Her Fall '10 collection, showing just the right amount of skin, promises to sweep you off your feet (again) and unleash the mysterious, flirty temptress within as you work those frocks this party season.

Lanie Dress

Gemma Dress in Blue Arrow (right)

Chloe Jacket

Kim Dress

Kim Dress (Back-view)

I'm afraid your purses lose, ladies.... again...


Friday, October 15, 2010

Posse Goes Pink In Support Of Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF)!

Posse goes positively pink
in a bid to help support the wonderful things the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) is doing for women out there! By raising awareness of the disease and encouraging women to have themselves screened regularly, the BCF aims to "eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease".

Show your support for Trixilini and Posse, and the BCF, in our campaign for this very meaningful cause as you place your bid for the gorgeous number you're about to lay your peepers on.

Back View

We know... It's to-die-for!!! In sexy-siren fuchsia, this luxurious gown in raw silk (size S-M) will crown you the belle at any ball you have this festive season! Alas, beautiful things come in limited quantities, and in this case, only one!

With 80% of the proceeds directed to the BCF, bidding starts at SGD 500 and every bid up is SGD 25 in addition. She is available for trying, but, be warned! Auction closes on 31 October 2010, Sunday, at 6PM SGT. Interested parties, please send your bid and mobile number to or, or dial the numbers (+65) 6338-7060.

Doing your bit for charity while looking absolutely stunning... We just don't know what better combination there is.


Post-Event Highlights: Breast Cancer Foundation Charity Drive at the ION Orchard Premiere

Yes, we've finally gotten our hands on some clicks from the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) charity drive at the ION Orchard Premiere two weekends ago, and we'd like to share them with you!

The ladies oozing with confidence in dresses from Trixilini!

(L-R): Linda in YU's Zoe, Rosemarie in Posse's Selma, Eunice in a customised Ryo dress by Posse, Dorothy in Trioon's Cream Crochet Shift-dress, Norkarmar in Ribbon & Roses's Pink Jersey Dress, Cecilia in Kyla T's Blake, and Sophia in Trioon's Cream Linen Dress with Tulip Sleeves.

Emcee of the evening, Stephanie Carrington, looked like a Greek goddess in YU's SugarPop in pink. We're sorry but it's sold out! However, there's a gorgeous version in blue here: Only a few pieces left!

Group shot! What a sight for sore eyes in strawberries and cream!

Till next time!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Your Yu Jumper Is Here!!

Please accept our apologies for having made you wait for the lustworthy jumper from YU. It's been agonising for us, too! Wait no longer, for it has arrived in our store!

Here's a re-cap of that piece so essential this season.

There, you are...

Bring fierce elbows!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trioon's New Arrivals

Check out what we have for you that's just arrived from Trioon!

Fuchsia Chiffon Printed Maxi Dress
SGD 248

Fuchsia Chiffon Printed Blouse
SGD 128

We're really excited about what you're about to lay your eyes on. It's so versatile, with looks limited only by your creativity, it's simply a must-have in your closet!

*Trixini's Pick*
Worn with a bit of drama

Fuchsia Scarf Blouse
SGD 160

Worn untucked, with tip of cascade tied to the back on the same shoulder cinched with a gold belt from Ribbon & Roses

Worn tucked into shorts from Brugundy, with tip of cascade tied to the opposite shoulder on the back

(Back-view) Worn without a belt for a romantic feel

(Back-view) Worn with a belt for a bit more structure

Attach a pretty pin/brooch to create this one-sleeve effect on the opposite shoulder

Back View

It comes in white, too! Perfect for work.
Styled with the Jake skirt from Faith

Looks complicated and like you have to make tons of effort? That's what others will think when they see it on you; no one has to know your secret. It's so easy! Sshhh....

Black Blouse with Flowers
SGD 160

Side-View (close-up)

Off-White Blouse with Flowers
SGD 160

Side-View (close-up)


Day Two at the launch of Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC

Day two at the fair and our spy cam is itching for more shots. It snuck out only after lunch -time and, still, it managed to steal a few shots for your viewing pleasure...

Two female tourists lured forward by Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely collection

A posse of ladies crowd to "ooh and aah" over the Summer Cuties by Gwen Stefani. There's a gentleman amongst them too (whom we caught trying to carry away one of the inflatable 'Cuties' before being given 'the eye' from one of its "guardians").

Here's another picture. Good, inflatable 'Love' Summer Cutie is still there. And, yes, so are the ladies, contemplating sweeping the entire counter clean.

We noticed the dip in stocks from yesterday. Ladies, make your way down now!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker Roadshow Is On - 6-10 Oct 2010!

It's day one at the launch of the NYC fragrance by Sarah Jessica Parker here at Millenia Walk's The Great Hall and we're super excited about all the scents and fab deals! Walk with us around the lovely set-up...

"Fashion's in the air!" as Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance, NYC, takes you down the streets of NY in fun and playfulness (and of course, fabulous style) where the possibilities are endless!

NYC in a chic, vibrant and bold packaging, capturing the essence of her Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw.

The Lovely collection by the ever chic and fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker on display

OMG!!! These Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani are simply to-die-for! We tried to snitch one of the inflatable cuties, but alas... there were too many "knowing" eyes staring. I guess we weren't the first to try.

These babies are must-have collectibles! It'd bring such excitement to whoever receives it!
(Colours L-R): Sunshine Cuties (Summer Limited Edition), Snow Bunnies (Limited Edition), Classics

The 30ml EDT is going for SGD 50 (U.P.:SGD 67);
the uber-cute 10ml EDT (in picture) is yours at SGD 30 (U.P.: SGD 38)!
We want them all!! Bag all the 10ml Sunshine Cuties (SGD 150) in a beach-blue cooler (we think it works great as a cosmetics bag too)! Ooh!!

Vera Wang's got some really yummy deals too!

There's something for the boyfriend/hubby too... It's fair if he gets to do his thing too, isn't it?

Calvin Klein and Davidoff has new offerings you can tempt your partner with!

Just 4 more days, ladies... If you haven't popped by, you sure don't know what you're missing! Happy smelling-lovely!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pre-Orders on Trioon's Infamously Chic Drape Dresses!

Yoohoo, ladies! We're sure you recall one of our hot must-haves - Trioon's LBD's in draped jersey. Missed out the last time? Well, we love making people happy so here's a piece of good news. We're taking pre-orders!! And not just for one, but two, styles! Peek on...

Abbie Dress in Red

Abbie Dress in Black

Half-Sleeve Draped Dress in Brown

Check out the 4 shades you can pick from in the relevant fabrics - Lycra (bears a slight sheen and a bit more weight than the jersey option) is available in black and red, while if you prefer jersey (matte and more lightweight), there are shades blue and brown.

Ring us at (+65) 6338-7060 or email us at to book your own dress(es) by 13 October, next Wednesday! And at SGD 168 each, they're not going to stick around for too long!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC Fragrance Launch at Millenia Walk - 6-10 October

Your sweet-sultry scent lingers in places you've been, and around the noses you strut past... Capturing the girl we love to hate, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City, spritz on Sarah Jessica Parker's latest fragrance, NYC, and you're a head-turner everywhere you go.

Cross out the 6th - 10th (this Wednesday to Sunday) of this month because you want to be at the Fragrance Indulgence Fair at Millenia Walk, the Great Hall.

Just spend a minimum of SGD 120 at the fair and be showered with attractive gifts worth up to SGD 180! And, every SGD 200 purchase entitles you to a shot at a Samsung 3.2mp camera phone worth up to SGD 900! With other participating brands like Calvin Klein, Davidoff Parfums, and uber cool Gwen Stefani, let your plastic burn!