Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week - Day 2

Day 2 at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week - Another beautiful day in Sydney, lovely weather and more shows to catch all against the spectacular backdrop of Circular Quay!

The name Rosemount says it all! It'll be a fashion week with bottomless supplies of wine throughout the week. At the VIP wine bar, rows and rows of Rosemount wine glasses all filled up and neatly lined up waiting to be attacked by thristy fashion goers after each shows and yes it all begins from 9am in the morning!

Wine Bar

Media & Buyers chilling out in between shows at the wine bar

It was almost a no-show drama at fashion week today when there's a power black out in Sydney CBD this morning! With the Zimmermann show at stake, guests were all left confused and wondering what's going happen next.

The show must go on, luckily the power came back after an hour and everything was back up and running. Zimmermann went on to please her fans with burst of colors of fanciful, floral -printed georgette blouses and dresses and delightful 50s influenced swimwear.

One fantastic show....A huge relief!

Zimmermann Runway Show

The highlight show of the day has to be the Coca-cola diet coke little black dress show. Margherita Missoni is in town especially for fashion week, representing the house of Missoni which is taking part in this, making it a Must - not - miss show!

Bringing together leading Australian and international designers, The little black dress campaign have designers create a series of 30 LBDs that are inspired by the feminine curves of the Diet Coke's iconic contour bottle shape.

Front Row Snips:

Celebrities Photo Snips of the day:

Supermodel - Alyssa Sutherland

Founder & Chairman of RAFW - Simon locke

Channel 10 entertainment presenter - Angela Bishop (Left)

Model - April Rose Pengilly

Presenter/ Host/ model - Laura Andon

Actress - Miranda Otto

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week

Warm greetings from Sydney, Down Under!

The weather in Sydney has been absolutely beautiful with bright, sunny days and cool breeze! Perfect for heading out for any outdoor activities or just lazing by the beach. The lovely weather just puts you in every right mood to enjoy the pleasure of the city.

Here are some postcard snapshots of the Sydney Opera House :

Sydney Opera House by Day

Sydney Opera House by Sunset

Overview of the Sydney Harbour

Sydney Opera house by Night

Here we go, the Annual Rosemount Australian Fashion week is here again! Its the time of the year where Fashion fever in Sydney is at a full swing! This is when we put on our heels and sashay to the best Australian fashion runway shows and comb through endless designers showrooms just to bring you the best fashion finds from Australia.

Stay tune as we update you with more happenings into the week!

This is where all the action is held:

Fashion week at the Overseas Passenger Terminal

Here are some of the Australian Celebrities Sightings at Day 1 who kindly posed for our camera:

Actress - Miranda Otto & Husband Peter O'Brien

Style director Jonathan Pease, Model Sarah Murdoch & Designer Alex Perry

Miss Universe - Jennifer Hawkins

Model - Tanya G

Friday, April 24, 2009

Heather - Bespoke pieces Unveiled

Here are a few of the precious "bespoke pieces" that were designed with customers during our recent Posse's "BFF in the closet" event that we would like to share with everyone. 

Home is where the heart is SGD230

The piece is inspired by the bird and its full nest. To Heather a full nest is a happy home full of noise, laughter and happiness ! Building from this piece, the rest of the flowers are there to illustrate colour, joy and peace 

Hide and Seek in the Sultan's Garden SGD195

The harem girl is playing tag with the sultan in his vast garden grounds ! The darker shade of the flowers is suppose to indicate flowers in the evening. The garden is lit with candles hence the purply shade of the evening blooms.

Drummer Westie SGD218

A nice simple way of wearing the little westie dog ! Currently a pendant. The customer has plans to change it to a more solid choker necklace once she's had a few months wearing this piece pendant-type !

Butterfly wings SGD159

Vintage mother of pearl butterfly with a few vintage flowers to produce a unique long pendant.

Peonies in the spring SGD100

The customer brought along her personal jade pieces and wanted a more contemporary way of wearing her jade piece. The florals (all vintage flowers) were added to produce a more summery theme.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Felz & Nez Jewelry - Summer Collection in store now

Kimberley Noir necklace - SGD$289

Lady Isabella necklace - SGD139

Mademoiselle Perle necklace - SGD$139

Disney - Mickey bracelet - SGD$109

Alexandra Ruban earrings - SGD$89

Anastasia Ruban earrings - SGD$159

Angelica Ruban earrings - SGD$149

Alicia Ruban earrings- SGD$149

Alisson Ruban earrings - SGD$149

Anabelle Ruban earrings - SGD$159

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Heather - New arrivals

Blooms in the cold - SGD$230

(vintage czech rhinestone button, vintage purple pansy bead, vintage brass flowers, brass bird, vintage lucite flowers, pearls, swarovksi facetted crystal -briolette, rhodium chain)

Prussian Blue SGD230

(vintage czech rhinestone button, vintage lucite flowers, swarovksi facetted crystals, rhodium chain)

Angels are watching over us SGD239 (SOLD)

(vintage angel brass finding, 14kt gold flowers, freshwater pearls, faux pearls, vintage tassel piece, rhodium chain)