Friday, April 24, 2009

Heather - Bespoke pieces Unveiled

Here are a few of the precious "bespoke pieces" that were designed with customers during our recent Posse's "BFF in the closet" event that we would like to share with everyone. 

Home is where the heart is SGD230

The piece is inspired by the bird and its full nest. To Heather a full nest is a happy home full of noise, laughter and happiness ! Building from this piece, the rest of the flowers are there to illustrate colour, joy and peace 

Hide and Seek in the Sultan's Garden SGD195

The harem girl is playing tag with the sultan in his vast garden grounds ! The darker shade of the flowers is suppose to indicate flowers in the evening. The garden is lit with candles hence the purply shade of the evening blooms.

Drummer Westie SGD218

A nice simple way of wearing the little westie dog ! Currently a pendant. The customer has plans to change it to a more solid choker necklace once she's had a few months wearing this piece pendant-type !

Butterfly wings SGD159

Vintage mother of pearl butterfly with a few vintage flowers to produce a unique long pendant.

Peonies in the spring SGD100

The customer brought along her personal jade pieces and wanted a more contemporary way of wearing her jade piece. The florals (all vintage flowers) were added to produce a more summery theme.

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