Friday, November 28, 2014


Yoohoo, ladies! Guess what's super special about this Friday after Thanksgiving? 

It's official! Christmas shopping is off to a pretty perfect start with our PINK FRIDAY sale!! How do discounts between 20%-70% sound? This one-day-only fabulosity surely spells the start of many jolly things to come!  


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Season Of Giving With Citibank

Hey, pretty princesses! Your festive-fairies are here with an early little treat for you (if you have a Citibank credit-card in your purse)! 

10% discount on all regular-priced apparel from now till Christmas Eve, 24 December 2014!

It's the season of giving, so give all you can.. to yourself! Go ahead and send your Citibank plastic on a swiping-frenzy!


Friday, November 21, 2014

AIJEK - What's New

Transient Peplum Romper
Available in white, black, ultramarine, and orchid

Sublime Jumpsuit
Available in white, and black

Wanderer Lace Mini Dress
Available in white, black, ultramarine, sapphire- blue, and green

Nightdove Mini Dress
Available in white, black, and sapphire-blue


Are you looking perfect in pink this season like they are?


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year At Scotts Square (now till 1 Jan 2015)

It's all about giving (while you receive) this season, so from now till 1 January 2015, come shop at Scotts Square to receive these presents:

Lucky Draw
Spend SGD80 in a single receipt to qualify for a shot at SGD1,000 worth of Scotts Square gift-vouchers weekly. All entries will snowball to the Grand Lucky Draw.
1st Prize - SGD10,000 worth of Scotts Square gift-vouchers
2nd Prize - SGD5,000 worth of Scotts Square gift-vouchers
3rd Prize - SGD3,000 worth of Scotts Square gift-vouchers

Parking Rebate
Receive a SGD6 parking rebate* with SGD80 spent in a single receipt

Rewards with Mastercard
Swipe your Mastercard for a minimum of SGD300 in 5 or less same-day receipts and bag SGD30 worth of Scotts Square gift-vouchers*.

Redemption counter is located on level 1 (right outside Trixilini) from 11AM to 9PM daily. 
*For the first 30 shoppers daily, while stocks last. Limited to one redemption per shopper, on a first-come-first-serve basis. For full terms and conditions and other information, please visit 

We ♥ Our styleXstyle Little Black Beauty Boxes!

Just some of you ladies who came by to be glammed up and bagged your own Little Black Beauty Box from styleXstyle x Tangs!

Thank you for your support at our 12th anniversary party last weekend, ladies! We hope your Glam Squad, us, did a fab' job for you! Till the next one!


Friday, November 14, 2014

Elyona - It's Lust At First Sight! - 10% Treat Today & Tomorrow

Are you ready for your festive-bling?! 

When it comes to pretty, frivolous materials, acquisition in multiple assortments and permutations is absolutely necessary! And when your gaze falls on stunners like those from Elyona, your lust-meter for total covetousness simply falls right off the charts!

Spun from what must be a beautiful mind (Leona Songhee Lee's to be precise), luxury fashion label Elyona from Seoul and the UK, unveils timeless conversation-pieces that make you surrender your plastic happily.

We let the pictures do all the talking...

Please don't break our doors!


Lotuz by Yosep Sinudarsono - 10% Treat Today & Tomorrow (14 & 15 November)

Meet new-kid-on-the-block, Lotuz - an Indonesian ready-to-wear apparel label that encapsulates the spirit of the modern woman who graces each day with femininity and power. Applying meticulous workmanship with high-quality materials, the label spins day-to-night threads that exude timelessness. 

Their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Forbidden Garden, was inspired by designer, Mr Sinudarsono's dream garden where the yin yang of dreadful plants and beautiful thriving flowers represent the femininity and strength of a modern woman. Expect colours symbolizing her attitude and cycles: white (birth), red (happy), black (sad), and grey (dull).

Come meet Lotuz at our birthday party this Friday and Saturday, 14 & 15 November, and enjoy a 10% introductory treat, on us! 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Little Black Beauty Box by styleXstyle - 14 & 15 Nov, Friday & Saturday

Who hasn't heard of the LBD (Little Black Dress)? But, what about the LBBB?

There's something about a box that makes you want to reach out for and open it, especially if it's a classic 4-sided one... and when it's glossed in black and touched with a little ribbon, that mystery level and excitement just skyrockets! 

Enter the Little Black Beauty Box. 
"Where secrets compacted lie"

When it comes to beauty, ladies, we know there's hardly any miracle all-in-one product. That, coupled with our love for 'cute sizes', makes us love the Little Black Beauty Box so much more! Stuffed with different handpicked travel-size treats (because we should dabble before any serious relationships) from beauty labels available at Tangs department store, these gems make their monthly appearances on (your go-to for fashion and lifestyle news and advice) for a very purse-friendly SGD22.90-a-pop! 

So, here's the good news! Come celebrate our 12th birthday with us this Friday and Saturday, 14 & 15 November, go crazy and burn your plastic with SGD500 or more, and one LBBB stuffed with 'The Best of Clarins' time-defy goodies will be yours. Say 'hello' to firmer, more youthful skin this season, and glow bright like a diamond!

Good cheer should be spread, so styleXstyle will be making more of these goodies available for purchase at SGD19.90 instead of the usual price of SGD22.90! 

Here's what you can expect (travel-sizes) in your LBBB...

So come get your LBBB(s), because "beauty gurus know that good things come in small packages". See you soon!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kim Gets Hair-inspired For The Festive Season

Are those shiny lights glistening in the sky? Are those carols we hear in the distance? Is that liquid-gold we hearing being poured into glasses?

It's unmistakably the most wonderful time (to seriously doll up) of the year! Besides sexy dresses, what about those tresses? Oh, they can make or break you!

As always, Team Trixilini has you covered... with who else, but one of the best in the trade - kimrobinson! Kim, hardly a stranger to the salon, pays her trusted hair-stylist, Andy Ong, a visit for some inspiration for the festive season. 

Plush, chic, and cosy greet you at the entrance... definitely sets the right tone for that indulgent treat that awaits.
We were distracted by the accessories and products lining the shelves for a little while. Oops!

Thought the pair of pretty peacocks quietly adorning the corner deserved a picture.
Notice how they're the beginning of nature present within, like a lush private garden within urbanity you'd find sanctuary in.

kimrobinson's signature carpeted aisle with wood- and flora-insertions along the way, a contrasting flow from the entrance, giving off an elegant yet organic, warm vibe that's very inviting - exactly the kind of feeling you have right before a luxurious, pampering treat.

We don't know about you, but by the way, it sure feels like a runway you'd sashay out of the salon on, tossing your new fabulous locks as you go!

This way to gorgeous, please!

One of the rooms you'd be treated like royalty in... and Kim got to be a queen!
Each room services only 2.
Ah, the life...

Seated and robed, Kim starts having a chat with Andy, about what she'd come to kimrobinson for - 
a fabulous new look for the upcoming season, with some pampering by the side.

Having enjoyed a long-term hair-affair with Andy's deft scissor-hands and creative mind, Kim doesn't spend too much time explaining what she wants to the man who's worked on stars like international celebrity, Joan Chen, and model/veejay/wife-to-Daniel Wu, Lisa S. 

A much-needed trim (thanks to Baby Naomi who's been keeping Kim too busy) to shape and set the stage for Kim's new look. A good hair-cut/trim every 2-3 months is essential for good hair-(every)days!

Notice how Andy's assistant carefully positions a piece of tissue-paper wherever is necessary as he snips away.
Hair-free-face hair-cuts! What's not to love? Talk about attention to detail!

Now, walk this way... for your coiffure-cleanse.
Caution! Drowsiness is highly likely.

Slightly dim mood lights and soothing natural presence set the perfect ambience for relaxation as you unwind while getting your scalp cleansed and massaged.
Loosen up, succumb to restoration, and let all that tension melt away...

Oops! Photo-bomb!

Kim's obviously yet another knocked-out-victim of their magical massage.
Look how she's concussed into the sink at the end. 

Meanwhile, back in the room...
How thoughtful - making sure our arm-candies leave in the same condition they arrived in.
Didn't we tell you kimrobinson was all about pampering you?

Andy says "always blow-dry your hair after a wash so styling is made easier". It also helps create a bit of volume when you scrunch and ruffle the roots a little as you go along.

Fight the flat (hair) with this little ingenious invention by Kim Robinson himself. You know where those areas are!
Flip the top layer of hair and start crimping the underlying hair near the roots. Crimp more layers of hair if you really need volume. Flip your hair back in place and use your fingers to lightly ruffle the areas.
Voila! Flat-hair-no-more!

Interested in bagging one for yourself? Patience! Details are coming up soon!

Random curling (Andy used a curling iron) is more interesting according to Andy, and we're not going to argue with the man who knows his stuff! 

Making it all look effortless with (seemingly) random selection of hair and curling in all different directions and methods, Andy works his magic on Kim's locks, and before you know it...

Ta da!!
Kim wanted something sexy and glamorous, a new look, and she was happy with what she got.
Time for a snap-shot, guys!

Here's a video of how Andy created a sexy bit-of-pouf on Kim's crown for her next look. Love the volume with a bit of pretty mess! Are you taking pointers on how to DIY?

A few twists here, a few pins there...

There you have it! A second look!

Here's what you've been waiting for...
Who doesn't need some volumising aid in this humidity?
This little darling as a gift to yourself or someone else who's going to love you long-time for it, is unassumingly called 'Volumising Crimper' (SGD108).
Snag yours at kimrobinson!

Just in case you thought that was the end of it, here's a piece of uber fab' news! kimrobinson and Trixilini want to spread the happy cheer this season, so....

Three REALLY lucky ladies who celebrate our 12th birthday with us this weekend (Friday and Saturday) are going to pampered with the works - a hair-cut, cleanse and finish worth SGD248 each - by Andy himself! 

This season just got SO much merrier!

kimrobinson is found at:
391, Orchard Road
#02-12 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872
Tel +65 6738 8006