Thursday, June 24, 2010

GSS Further Reductions!

Yumi Kim - flower power! New Arrivals in Store now!

Kendra Romper in Paintbrush

Aubrey Dress in Paintbrush

Tara Dress in Paintbrush

Natalie Dress in Rosette

Kendra Romper in Rosette

Leah Romper in Rosette

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yumi Kim Is In-Store!!

In Singapore where it's sunny all year round, we relish the joy of sashaying down the streets in summer frocks anytime we fancy. Yumi Kim, fun and flirty with a dash of vintage, raises temperatures with their beach-inspired pieces in cool blues, hinted with frilly layers.

Lolita Dress in Aqua pom pom

Tara Dress in Aqua Pom Pom

Tara Dress in Hearts

Lolita Dress in Kyoto

Natelia Dress in Kyoto

Frocks arrived...

P/S: We honestly don't think you'd want to miss out.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Salt & Pepper GSS Promotion - Jewellery Boxes

Is your jewellery just lying around in your room without a home, looking a little disorganised? Or maybe you can no longer shut the lid on your little trove of ever-multiplying jewellery?

Fab news, ladies! Salt & Pepper's giving you no excuse not to do more than just drool over their gorgeous mirror jewellery box with their GSS specials! Scroll to peek!

U.P SGD 69

NOW - SGD 39


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Want Candy! - Vita Bangles

Add the finishing touches to your outfit with new arm candy from Vita! We just lurve the ones we already have but Vita bangles always make us go, "We want more!" The structured curves in luscious leather with yummy hues stack on your arms with such panache!

Sovoia - SGD 309

Santos - SGD 190

Left : Chain Stitch - SGD 369

Right : Hex - SGD 179

Classico - SGD 159

Amare - SGD 229

As always, we only have 1 piece of each design, so.... you have been warned, ladies!


Friday, June 4, 2010

GSS Fabulous Finds - Top Picks This Week!

Christine Necklace - SGD 149
30% Discount - SGD 104.30

Gina Earrings - SGD 139
30% Discount - SGD 97.30

Mimosa in Golden - SGD 409 (also available in Coral)
20% Discount - SGD 327.20

Holmes - SGD 279
20% Discount - SGD 223.20

Kyla T
Blake in Candied Apple - SGD 289
20% Discount - SGD 231.20


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sexy, Modish Me - Abbie by Trioon

Another black dress? I think not, ladies.

Allow us to introduce to you Abbie, the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) of an understatement from Trioon... She's coy and modest, ending around the knees, yet oh-so-sexy in the manner she hugs and defines your sinuous figure.

Woven in a soft cotton fabric that holds its own shape without having to stretch much, it's a breeze to have this comfortable layer on your skin. Worried it clings? Engineered with a stroke of genius, the sides of this dress are pinned at intervals to create soft, gentle drapes that flatter even less-than-perfect bodies. Trust us on this.

And at SGD168, it's indecent!

Plus, there is more than just one way of wear! Peek below!

Worn as a cowl-neck

Worn thrown back the shoulders

Worn as a one-shoulder

You want one, don't you? Well, we're taking pre-orders (from now until this Sunday only) because we know this is a hit with the savvy! Limited pieces available so email Jasmine at or drop us a line at (+65) 6338-7060 to put your name on the waiting list!


Yumi Kim - Leah Romper in US Weekly's "Who Wore it Best?"

We're all very excited to see Yumi Kim's Leah romper featured in US weekly magazine. We love this romper, it is a "MUST HAVE" this summer!

Leah Romper - SGD$349