Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Fever - 20% Discount On All Regular-priced Apparel on 21 & 22 March only!

Discount does not apply on Cosset.


Skin Inc - For Fresh & Clear Complexion This Spring

Skin Inc - stranger or not, we think you should scribble their name on the top of your list of beauty-buys this Spring for that clear, smooth complexion that would make you a bare-face beauty this season. 

Skin Inc at ION

The world's first Skin Supplement Bar offering highly concentrated, 100% pure and active serums and skincare from Japan, Skin Inc's customised skincare solutions empower time-starved individuals to create their own fuss-free skincare regimes, delivering maximum results. Individual skin identities and their needs are addressed with products and treatments that are targeted at delivery to the skin's deeper layers where it matters. Treatments are conducted using state-of-the-art non-invasive technology that delivers sustainable results, rivalling other invasive procedures.

Yup, they had us at 'hello'!

This Friday and Saturday, as we suffer a Spring Fever with 20% discount (with a UOB Lady's card) on all regular-priced apparel (read: Aijek's got new stuff!), bag anything from us and you'll likely also bring home a sample-sized Pure Nano Hydrating Gel (20ml) & an SGD20 product voucher from Skin Inc! Yeeess!!

Pure Nano Hydrating Gel
(another one of their many award-winning products)

What does it do?

It's a multi-tasking gel that repairs, hydrates, tones, protects and primes your skin — all in one simple step so you can get on with your day in a jiffy. This gel-based, water-soluble emulsion contains seaweed extract and vitamin C that are encapsulated in nano capsules to improve delivery of these nutrients into the skin, and pearl extract and ceramide complex to whiten, nourish and hydrate the skin. Makeup glides on perfectly. We love the sound of that! 

Your unique My Daily Dose 3-in-1 customised blend of serums from Skin Inc

Ooh, and what do we have here?

Skin Inc's signature My Daily Dose 3-in-1 serums that are tailored to the unique needs of your skin! You know what they say - good things come in pretty packages! Don't you simply have to have them in every colour?!

Not mere pretty shells, these award-winning Encapsulated Serums contain active ingredients that are kept fresh and ‘on-call’ inside skin-nurturing, moisture-rich kelp capsules. Using patented technology from Japan, the seaweed capsule carries and protects three or more active ingredients from harmful UV rays and oxidation, releasing its contents to the skin cells only upon application, ensuring you always receive the optimum concentration of nutrients. These serums can be mixed together to address multiple skin concerns in a single bottle they call your My Daily Dose™. Start customising your unique blend here: HAVE to be sold by now! 

But, hang on. We're not done yet! 

How about a kit that gets you awesome skin? It's as easy as 1-2-3 with Skin Inc's award-winning signature 3-step!

Step 1: PREP your skin with Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel to gently slough away dullness-causing dead skin cells.

Step 2: NOURISH your skin with Skin Inc's My Daily Dose customised serum.
Step 3: HYDRATE with Skin Inc's 'Overnight Wonder' sleep-in mask, the Pure Deepsea Hydrating mask and wake up to bright and dewy skin. 

It's time to pop by Skin Inc. Here's where you can find your beauty must-have's:

ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn,
#B3-43, Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 62227428

Operating Hours: 
Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM


Marina Bay Link Mall, 8A Marina Boulevard
#B2-25 Singapore 018984
Tel: +65 65366789

Operating Hours: 
Mondays to Fridays, 11AM to 9PM; 
Saturdays, 11AM to 4PM
Closed on Sundays and on public holidays


Beauty Emporium - spa esprit / Strip / Browhaus

Beauty Emporium At Dempsey

It's Spring and for that fling, some primping and pruning are in order! Enter The Beauty Emporium by the Spa Esprit Group with their host of services from Strip, Browhaus, and spa esprit to make sure you are all prepped and ready for the season!

Probably one of the first few names to come to mind when thinking of doing a spring-cleaning of the *ahem* nether-region. 

Strip - the first international concept waxing boutique since 2002, Strip has thriving outlets all over the world. Keeping things smooth in Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Strip has pruned and waxed a staggering three million bushes (and counting). With credentials like that, you know you'll be in good hands. 

Your hair can make or break you, even the ones on your face. We're talking about those just above your eyes, of course! 

Browhaus, Singapore's first dedicated brow-and-lash grooming salon since 2004, are the go-to people for an extensive menu of brow-grooming techniques such as threading, tweezing, tinting, and brow-resurrection to create arches that effortlessly complement your features, skin-tone and hair colour. Failure to look fabulous could be detrimental! Complementary beauty treatments are also available for the lashes and face, so prepare to step out of their boutiques truly transformed!

Last, but definitely not the least, indulge that deserving body of yours at your favourite homegrown apothecary spa that's been pampering and treating you since 1996. Now at both Paragon and Dempsey, spa esprit focuses on pampering yet potently effective head-to-toe body and facial treatments. Refreshed, you're now ready to conquer the world!

Come shop with us tomorrow with your UOB Lady's Card to enjoy a 20% discount on all regular-priced apparel*, and you might bag these goodies as well!

  • Painless IPL underarm session with Strip at just SGD48 (U.P.: SGD321 / SGD 481.50)
  • SGD 40 off Browhaus' Express Lash-in-bloom extensions (SGD 80.25)
  • 50% discount on any one a la carte service at spa esprit

Here's to you fresh-faced beauties who should also feel the same way!

*Not applicable on Cosset.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yumi Kim - "Life is a carnival" Spring Collection!

Jayne Dress in Animal Floral

Girl Next Door Dress in Animal Floral

Darling Maxi Dress in Animal Floral

Liz Romper in Hibiscus

Mulberry Dress in Electric Reef

Monday, March 17, 2014

Who Came By During Our Opening Weekend?

Lovely Karen looking fabulous in Aijek's Endless Stories Cut-out top! Thank you for dropping by with Kieron to support us!

Rosemary (in Lulu Bare) came by our new store with her daughter, Ashley, who was caught holding a Lulu Guinness bag from Sole2Sole! The little lady has got taste!

Guess which little cutie-pie was here, too? It's Naomi (Kim's little princess), the happy camper!


New Yumi Kim Rompers In-Store Now!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work In Progress...

Our pretty pink bags among the big brown boxes.


Monday, March 10, 2014

A Skip Down Memory Lane (Trixilini at Millenia Walk)

Before we see you at our brand-new boudoir, ladies, surely we must revisit our lovely place at Millenia Walk. 

Ah, that familiar Trixilini signage above our pink reception counter...

That window you always make a point to gaze into whenever you drove by instead of keeping your eyes on the road.

Those pink folding-doors that seem to emanate a happy glow which magnetises you to sprint towards them into paradise! 

It's all about the bling! We're talking about the largest pink diamond you've ever seen on the left.

"I want candy!"

The aisle of "ooh-there's-more" along our pink velvet wall on the right.

That lovely bouquet that so many of you have noticed and asked us about nestles among our pretty jewellery.

Another vanity table in Trixilini at the end of the aisle.
Is that a neck-mannequin we spot photo-bombing?

Yes, it's your mini-playground where so many of you have had your make-overs done, and laughed and made merry over one-too-many champagnes at our shopping parties!
Nostalgia brings a tear.

Our formation of pink swallows symbolising a carefree nature and freedom of flight!

The subtle presence of a modest-size glass-cabinet that offers little pretties to complete your look as you step out of the fitting-room to admire yourself in that gorgeous frock. Yes, we're thoughtful that way.

Oh, that gorgeous round mirror we loved and which so many of you have looked into! It's gone home with a lucky lady (with impeccable taste) who couldn't resist buying it (among a couple other items) from us!!
Take care of them, Anne!

So that marks the end of our little skip down (recent) memory lane. 

Wondering who the genius behind those lovely shots is? She is a lovely young lady by the name of Gale Tan and she's the daughter of one of our cherished customers, Maria Hartati, and her husband, Mr Tan Hock Beng. Gale is an aspiring professional photographer, so remember that name because in a couple of years, it might be big!

Thank you, Gale, for capturing our memories of a beautiful boudoir at Millenia Walk!

XOXO (and we'll see you at Scotts Square soon!).
Team Trixilini

Our Pink Wagon Is On The Move - Arriving 15 March, 1000 Hours at Scotts Square!

Our pink doors at Millenia Walk officially unfolded last Friday! You ladies sure helped us clean out the store!

We've grabbed our pink suitcases and hopped on our pink wagon, arriving at our next destination, Scotts Square #01-04/05, on 15 March, 1000 hours (till 2100)!

Looking forward to your daily fashion-fix with us? So are we! See you at our new boudoir!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fab' Steals From Our Home To Yours!

Ooh! Finally! These pretty things at Trixilini you've got your eye on since day one, could be yours!

We're letting go (albeit very unwillingly) of our beautiful wall mirror for just SGD900! That's about a 75%-saving!! We know! We'll probably regret it, but we love you more!

Also, finding a new home is our vintage mini 2-in-1 (yes, think 'matryoshka dolls') carry-case for just SGD100!! It's going to look so pretty while storing your stuff! 

Oh, and for all those cute tea-parties with your girlfriends or your little ones, Robert Gordon is also going on sale. 

Plus, snag those scented candles and pampering treats for the bath from MOR at fab' prices!

2 days left!


Going, going.. gone (very soon)!

3 more days before we bid a fond adieu to Millenia Walk! Haven't stopped by to bag fab' deals from our moving-out sale? 

Don't miss out on good-buys from our different labels, including AIJEK where you can


The clock's ticking!