Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fab' Steals From Our Home To Yours!

Ooh! Finally! These pretty things at Trixilini you've got your eye on since day one, could be yours!

We're letting go (albeit very unwillingly) of our beautiful wall mirror for just SGD900! That's about a 75%-saving!! We know! We'll probably regret it, but we love you more!

Also, finding a new home is our vintage mini 2-in-1 (yes, think 'matryoshka dolls') carry-case for just SGD100!! It's going to look so pretty while storing your stuff! 

Oh, and for all those cute tea-parties with your girlfriends or your little ones, Robert Gordon is also going on sale. 

Plus, snag those scented candles and pampering treats for the bath from MOR at fab' prices!

2 days left!


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