Monday, March 10, 2014

A Skip Down Memory Lane (Trixilini at Millenia Walk)

Before we see you at our brand-new boudoir, ladies, surely we must revisit our lovely place at Millenia Walk. 

Ah, that familiar Trixilini signage above our pink reception counter...

That window you always make a point to gaze into whenever you drove by instead of keeping your eyes on the road.

Those pink folding-doors that seem to emanate a happy glow which magnetises you to sprint towards them into paradise! 

It's all about the bling! We're talking about the largest pink diamond you've ever seen on the left.

"I want candy!"

The aisle of "ooh-there's-more" along our pink velvet wall on the right.

That lovely bouquet that so many of you have noticed and asked us about nestles among our pretty jewellery.

Another vanity table in Trixilini at the end of the aisle.
Is that a neck-mannequin we spot photo-bombing?

Yes, it's your mini-playground where so many of you have had your make-overs done, and laughed and made merry over one-too-many champagnes at our shopping parties!
Nostalgia brings a tear.

Our formation of pink swallows symbolising a carefree nature and freedom of flight!

The subtle presence of a modest-size glass-cabinet that offers little pretties to complete your look as you step out of the fitting-room to admire yourself in that gorgeous frock. Yes, we're thoughtful that way.

Oh, that gorgeous round mirror we loved and which so many of you have looked into! It's gone home with a lucky lady (with impeccable taste) who couldn't resist buying it (among a couple other items) from us!!
Take care of them, Anne!

So that marks the end of our little skip down (recent) memory lane. 

Wondering who the genius behind those lovely shots is? She is a lovely young lady by the name of Gale Tan and she's the daughter of one of our cherished customers, Maria Hartati, and her husband, Mr Tan Hock Beng. Gale is an aspiring professional photographer, so remember that name because in a couple of years, it might be big!

Thank you, Gale, for capturing our memories of a beautiful boudoir at Millenia Walk!

XOXO (and we'll see you at Scotts Square soon!).
Team Trixilini

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