Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boheme - Valentines Collection in store now!

Unlock my heart bracelet - SGD$139

Degrees of love charm necklace - SGD $129

Dearest Valentine - SGD$139 and Spin for my love - SGD$149

Sending my love bracelet - SGD$139

Window of opportunity earrings - SGD$179
(Using grade AA aquamarine briolettes) 

Birdcage Necklace with hand enameled flowers - SGD159

Friday, January 30, 2009

Heather - Bespoke Valentines

Assorted Rings - SGD$89 each

This is the first collection for Bespoke by Heather. Above are a selection of the rings she made for Valentines. There are gorgeous vintage pictures of cherubs, messages and others !

Pls ask assistance from Grace or Alicia at the store where we show you the catalogue for you to personalise your ring/necklace. Eg choose your picture and the ring base. Price is still the same at SGD89 (rings) and SGD119 (necklaces).
As Heather is away on vacation at the moment, customizations can only be done after Tues, 3 February! Pick up around 10th Febuary latest.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!

Here's wishing everyone with good health, prosperity and plenty of "beautiful dresses" all year long!!

Hope all of you have had a fabulous lunar new year celebration with all your loved ones and
ready to kick off the "Ox" year with a bang!

Happy niu year!!



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heather - Steampunk collection 2

This collection is inspired by the baroque-decorated furniture, cornices and statues found in the Lourve.

Steampunk - 2nd Collection - Inspirations from the Lourve

In the time of the ancients - SGD158
(Vintage watch piece, vintage baroque brass angels + heart, 14k gold chain, swarovski pearls)

The city where time stood still.. SGD158
(vintage watch part, swarovksi facetted crystals, vintage brass charms, vintage brass pendant backing - intricately carved, 14k chain, swaroski pearls)

Flight of victory - SGD158
(Vintage watch part -large!, vintage brass angel figure, vintage brass flower finding, heavy metal pendant backing, rhodium chain, swarovski pearls)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frue - "Girls just wanna have fun"

Paris - SGD$149

Nikki - SGD$149

Britney Earrings - SGD$129

Isabella Earrings - SGD$129

Periwinkle Bracelet - SGD$109

Periwinkle Drop Earrings - SGD$99

Rose Earrings - SGD$109

Tristine - SGD$129

Lindsay Earrings - SGD$129

Sugar Plum Bracelet - SGD$159

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Join us on Facebook!!

Hello again ladies!

We're thrilled to announce that Trixilini is on facebook!! Pls join us in our group with the below link for more updates and special personal invitations to our private events:



Posse - New Collection in store now!

Heather - Chinoiserie Chic 2009

Message from Heather: 

Doesnt time pass fast ? Chinese New Year is nearly here ! For some reason, I always associate wearing jade with CNY ha ha ! Probably cause its a family tradition...I personally love jade but risk looking like an aunty (cough..) I would try and "modernise" my personal pieces to put a "Heather" look on them ! :)

My feng shui book advises that it is very lucky for ladies to wear jade this year, especially in the coming year of the Ox. This is because the chinese character for the word jade is "yu" - the top stroke represents heaven, the bottom stroke represents earth and the middle line represents mankind. So jade is said to be the link between heaven and earth and when worn by mankind, it forms a holy trinity which brings good fortune ! - Cool !

Also 2009 is a "double earth" year and the colour green signifies wealth luck. Hence the jade is a perfect stone to wear for 2009 !

So here's my mini CNY colletion for this year ! Available at Trixilini only. Hope you like it! YES. Its real jade. Burma the supplier tells me but I picked the pieces for their designs and colour combo :)

Harmony SGD159 (far left), Peaches and Gold SGD159 (far right)
(Jade pieces, gold-filled earrings + rhinestone findings)

Zen is all I need SGD188
{Intricately carved jade ball, 14k buddha charm (clip-so so its removable), freshwater pearls}

Lotus SGD188
{Large lotus jade pieces, vintage finding with pearl, 14k gold chain, faux pearls}

Circle of Happiness SGD188
{Jade round, 50s vintage floral finding, large swarovski roundel, rhinestone findings, 14k gold chain links, faux pearls}

Car Park Rebate @ Millenia Walk

Hello Ladies!!

Great news when you're driving down to SHOP at Trixilini from now on:

Car Park Rebate:

With effect from 2 January 2009, simply spend a min. of $50* at Millenia Walk and enjoy the following FREE parking!

Weekdays (Mon - Fri)

7am - 6pm : First hour FREE

After 6pm : FREE Entry

Weekends (sat - Sun) & Public Holiday : First 3 hours FREE

*Redemption from Mondays to Sundays, 10am - 10pm

* Valid on date of purchase only

* Not applicable to parking at Time Square

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gal on the GO - Boheme "BE CHARMED" collection launch

Be charmed with Boheme's new collection this season! Create your own style with assorted 14k gold plated and brass charms!! Embellish as you wish to suit your mood! 

Love meter necklace 

Rosaline - SGD$139

Assorted charms - SGD$12 - 22 each

Assorted charms - SGD$16 each

Assorted charms - SGD$22 each

Gal on the Go Event - Bespoke by Heather launch!

A preview of Heather's new collection "Bespoke by Heather" will be launched at our Gal on the Go event this Saturday (10th Jan 09).

Heather will be at Trixilini from 11.30am to 5pm. She will be in the shop during this time to do personalisations for the preview collection.

"Bespoke by Heather" allows the customer to choose from a catalog of pictures, their desired look to be translated into rings or pendants (they come with necklaces).

There are 2 main choices of pictures:
1) Initials (from this alone there are currently 5 types of looks that can be chosen - the pictures show gothic lolita or with birds etc)

2) Kawai ! (pictures of cute animals etc ...she's been collecting cutesy pictures for a long time now!) 

There are currently 4 main ring types. See below picture. All the ring types (inc pic cameo) will cost SGD89 with the exception of the vintage feather bordered rings (they are quite heavy and old) they will cost SGD159 (Heather has only 2 of these rings - not including the sample ring, so these are on a first come first served basis)...sorry...

For the other SGD89 ring types, there are only a max of 4 of each ring.

Each ring type (max of 4 each type) costs SGD89
with the exception of the feather-border ring (second from left) which is SGD159 (limited to 2).

Each set (pendant + necklace) is priced at SGD119. There are 2 different pendant backings to choose from and for the necklace; a choice of 14k gold chain or pearl necklace. Heather can only make a maximum of 5 necklace sets.

{Important fact! - Despite the fact that the pictures are sealed under a glass dome they are not waterproof}

Come on down and meet Heather this Saturday ! You can catch up or gossip and the catalogs are fun to check out ! 

Just a slight catch... the cameos which  Heather is using are vintage west german findings + german glass domes...she only has 18 pieces on me (hence the limited numbers of rings etc)..once they are gone...

And something very special!
Heather will also be painting mini cameos ! Below are some samples of Heather as a gothic lolita and a chubby sweet thing ;)

She will sketch a cutesy cameo with you on Saturday, then go home to paint up your precious piece 
Pendants are priced at SGD99 each. A necklace is not included as she'd like you wear your personalised cameos with something personal ! ;)