Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Labour Day!

All you hardworking, multi-hat-wearing ladies, have an awesome and well-deserved Labour day break!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pre-order: Aijek's Saying Goodbye Leather Off-shoulder Dress

Decisions, decisions...
Saying Goodbye Leather Off-shoulder Dresses
Available in blue-multi (print), white, and khaki, and in sizes 1, 2, and 3
SGD 249 (white, & khaki)
SGD 279 (blue print)
Styled with studded clutch-bag from Holster (SGD 69.90), and various bangles from Edge of Ember

Here's a close-up of the print in blue/black.

Send in your orders with your desired colour(s) and size(s) to by the end of 27 April and you might get to be seen in yours over the Labour Day weekend! 


Cosset - Snag 2 At a 10% Discount From Now Till 1 May!

The cotton-bamboo label your skin and body are in a passionate relationship with.. Now, there's an even better excuse for bulk-acquisition.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

♥ Notes

We're obviously the more popular and fun species.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have A Blessed Good Friday & A Happy, Cheeky Easter! - Additional 10% Discount on Sale Items

Looking forward to the long weekend? 

Let us make it even more fabulous for you by giving out an additional 10% discount on all on-sale apparel from 17 - 20 April, Thursday to Sunday!! YAY!!!

You're gonna have an egg-cellent Easter!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

12 Fabulous Reasons To Shop At Scotts Square!

So you ladies know our new home's at Scotts Square. But, did you know what there is to do here?

Well, allow us to give you 12 fab' reasons to shop at Scotts Square!

1. Shop at Trixilini (#01-04/05), of course!

2. Pick out a new piece of furniture for your home at Gilt & Folly (#03-07) or Poltrona Frau (#03-08 to 10).

3. Dig into delectable food anytime of the day at all-day-breakfast hip joint Wild Honey (#03-01/02).

4. Have a pampering facial done at Celuva (#03-14/15).

5. Get a new hair-do, -treatment, or styling done at Cinq (#03-16).

6. Have a cuppa and a pastry or two from French bakery, Maison Kayser (#B1-09).

7. Run your banking errands at UOB (#B1-25 to 28), or at UOB Wealth Banking (#03-11 to 13).

8. Stock up the fridge with a run at Fairprice Finest (#B1-03-07 & #B1-10)!

9. Pop into Guardian (#B1-21/22) for beauty essentials to top up your vanity chest with.

10. Go for an IPL hair-removal session and be Spring-frock-ready at Musee Platinum Tokyo (#B1-20).

11. Accessorise your Apple products at EpiCentre @ Scotts Square (#B1-23/24).

12. Drop off your laundry-load at Pressto (#B1-15).

And, don't forget, from now till 18 May, you get

  • $6 parking rebate with $80 spent in a single receipt (limited to the first 50 shoppers), and/or a
  • $50 Scotts Square voucher with $500 spent in 2 same-day receipts (limited to the first 30 shoppers).

Redemption booth is on level 1, right outside our store!

See you this long weekend!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

♥ Notes

But you ladies do, so c'ya this happy weekend!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pre-order: Aijek's Drifter Lace Short-sleeve Top

You're looking at one of your Spring/Summer must-have's this year - Aijek's Drifter Lace Short-sleeve Top in either white, black, iceberg-blue, pale-pink, or give-in-to-all-four!

Drifter Lace Short-sleeve Top in Iceberg-blue (available in sizes 1(S), 2(M), and 3(L))
SGD 179

Drifter Lace Short-sleeve Top in White
SGD 179

Send in your orders with your desired colour(s) and size(s) to by the end of 17 April. Your new acquisitions arrive next weekend!


Spring-shopping Treats At Scotts Square! - 10 April to 18 May

Come into a pretty garden where your senses are instantly heightened...

Look at the mannequin in bright orange and lime!
She's dressed in Aijek's Back to Back Peplum tank layered over Naven's sleeveless maxi-dress, and styled with a necklace from Coveted Collective. 

We'll see you soon!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Arrivals from Edge of Ember!

Myla rings

Asura earrings

Shilla gold bangle

Shilla gold bangle

Malyn rose gold bangle

Malyn gold bangle

Myla rose gold ring

Myla gold ring

Myla silver ring

Tara gold ring

Asura rose gold earrings

Asura gold earrings

Riya gold earrings

Roshi gold bangle

Roshi rose gold bangle

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sophia and Faith ♥ Trixilini!

Our dear customer, Pushpa, was here to shop with us last week and while waiting, her little princesses decided to illustrate their thoughts since our frocks and such were a little too big for them (but only for now). Thank you, and we love you girls, too, Sophia and Faith!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aijek - Fly Home (with us!)

Finally! We start rolling out Aijek's brand-new Spring/Summer 2014 collection! It's time to build an extension of that wardrobe!

Led By Dreams Sweetheart Skater Dress
Available in black
SGD 269

Drifter Short-sleeve Lace Top
Available in white, and black
SGD 179

Drifter Short-sleeve Lace Top
Available in ice-berg blue, and pale-pink soon.
SGD 179

Saying Goodbye Leather Off-shoulder Dress
Available in white, and khaki-green (viscose-rayon)
SGD 249

Saying Goodbye Leather Off-shoulder Dress
Available in blue-multi print (silk)
SGD 279

Drifter Lace Halter Mini Dress
Available in iceberg-blue, navy, and black
SGD 289

Full Circle Jumpsuit
Available in white on black
SGD 269

Full Circle Tank Dress
Available in white on black, black on white, navy on kelly-green
SGD 209

Drifter Triangle Camisole
Available in white, navy, and black
SGD 129

Drifter Triangle Lace Camisole
Available in white, and black
SGD 159

Permanence Cocoon Belted Shift Dress
Available in tea-rose
SGD 239

Permanence Cocoon Belted Shift Dress
Available in royal-blue
SGD 239

Permanence Cocoon Belted Toga Dress
Available in black
SGD 249

Permanence Asymmetrical Dress
Available in white, and yellow
SGD 189

Beginnings Silk Maxi Dress
Available in purple

Yes, fly home into our wardrobes, please!!