Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boheme - New Holiday collection

A vintage inspired bracelet

Marianne Bracelet - SGD$149

A Swarovski pendent hanging from a curved floral brunch and accented with Swarovski pearls 

Lilia Necklace - SGD129 

For those who love vintage styled floral rings set on a filigree base

Kris Ring - SGD$109

A sparrow flies past its birdcage... handmade cameo with brass sparrow and bone carved vintage rose set on a heart shaped pendent

Birdcage Bracelet - SGD129

Friday, December 19, 2008

Heather - "I'm so going to the Ball!" Collection in store now!!

All items are mini-sculptures or little art pieces to Heather... She took a vintage rhinestone finding and added swarovskis, crystals, flowers and the trademake; little mother-of-pearl bird and sculptured little visions of birds with flamboyant tails or gleaming branches they are sitting on..

The look is inspired by the glittering cinderella-like quality balls that we'd all like to attend someday.. :) 

The beauty that is unique SGD129 - brooch with large vintage rhinestone finding
(Perfect for wearing on the bustiers of those damn glamourous Posse long gowns !)

Rhapsody -  SGD148

Melody SGD138

A little dancing tune SGD99

Posse - New arrivals in Store now!

Lewis - SGD$489

Bree - SGD$709

Beatrix - SGD$509

Yu - New Arrivals!!

Wan - SGD$299

Wan - SGD$299

Mei - SGD$299

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Festive Operational Hours

Attn: Fabulous shoppers!

Pls take note of our adjusted trading hours for the upcoming festive period as follows:

Christmas Eve - Wed, 24 Dec 08 : 11am - 7pm

Christmas Day - Thurs, 25 Dec 08: 1pm to 6pm

New Year's Eve : 11am - 7pm

New Year's Day: 1pm to 6pm

Pls ring us for any special after trading hours as we will stay open longer just for you!!



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Frue - New Arrivals today!!

Passion Ring - SGD$129 

Poppy Ring - SGD$129

Cherumin Ring - SGD$149

Bow Peep Bracelet - SGD$49

Bow Peep Necklace - SGD$69

L'eau Ring - SGD$119

Friday, December 5, 2008

Heather's 2nd Christmas drop at Trixilini - all things precious and vintage

Fairy Garden - SGD$189 

Twilight - SGD$189    (Heather's personal Favorite!!)

Midnight Blue - SGD$189

Gothic Cross - SGD$189

Princess Pansy - SGD$189

Boheme - 'Love Me' spinner necklace "Special Order"!

Great news ladies!!

For those who have missed out on the desired MUST HAVE Boheme's 'love Me' spinner necklace, we're thrilled to inform you that she's managed to whip up a limited 3 pieces special order just for you! 

This necklace features a tongue in cheek 'love me' spinner. Yes, it actually spins! Accented with an assortment of chars, these all hang from a 14k gold plated necklace. 

Be the first 3 lucky ladies to ring in at tel: 6338 7060 or email to lock in your orders! pls note that there's only strictly 3 pieces available. Orders will be received based on first in - best dressed basis.  

Pls note that the necklaces will only be ready for collection from 20th december 2008 onwards. 

Love Spinner Necklace - SGD$49 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frue - Holiday Collection in store now!!

Vesper - SGD$149

Seraphyme - SGD$159

Saville Petite - SGD$119

Saville - SGD$159

Reina (Winter) - SGD$149

Muriel - SGD$139

Mon Cerise - SGD$149

Cherubim - SGD$159

Camille - SGD$139

Camille Necklace - SGD$159