Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yumi Kim's Bianca Dress in White or Black

What better way to ring in the new year than to party & glitter in style with Yumi Kim's gorgeous Bianca dress, available in white or black! Get your hands on one of these very limited pieces of a lust-and-must!

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Team Trixilini

10 & Fabulously Pink!

Start 2013 With A Wardrobe From Aijek/s End-of season Sale!

The start of a brand-new year often bears a couple of connotations - resolutions (whether new, or ones we decide to recycle from the years before), a new hair-style, Lunar New Year, and of course... A brand-new addition to your boudoir, of a big closet with rows and rows of frocks and accessories!!!

This year, we continue looking out for your interest by doing things a little differently to welcome 2013 - helping you save for those red packets you'd have to give out with an end-of-season sale on AIJEK!!! *whispers* Although we think you'd rather spend it on getting a few more pieces for yourself instead. Don't we know you so well? *winks*

Here are some new wardrobe-additions you'd bag...

First sale-of-the-year starts on the first day of the new year on 1 January 2013!! There's not a more fabulous way to kick-start the brand-new year!! We'll see you then!!

Happy New Year, everyone!! *blows a party-whistle*

Team Trixilini

Celebrating being 10 & Fabulously Pink!

Thank You for A Fabulous 2012 & Here's To An Amazing 2013!

The time has come, when we bid a fond farewell to the year that is to pass. But before we do, we want to leave you with a short and sweet thank-you note and wrap up the year with fond reminisce of all things pretty & fabulous from 2012! Here goes!

Thank you for never failing to rock every frock you've sashayed out of our boutique with!
You are our strutting-advertisement!

Thank you for making us love pampering and spoiling you with gifts and treats, and loads of lifestyle-ideas!
That's the best type of shower we know!

Thank you for your undying support, returning to us for your fix day after day, year after year.
It drives us nuts trying to impress you each time but we welcome the challenge!

Thank you for the frills and spills as you dress up to clink at all our pink parties, especially at our 10th anniversary - 10 & Fabulously Pink! this year!
Nothing beats making you tipsy to get you to buy more!

We *heart* you!!!

Now, take a little stroll with us down memory-lane as we look back at all those frocks in your wardrobe that made us go mad and jelly in the knees. 

Aijek Daydreamer Lace Bustier Dress
Exquisite corded lace with a bit of frill - blush, white, navy or black - you loved them all! 

Aijek Love Triangle Dress
Teasing with some skin, this little one is a keeper!

Aijek Into The Night Lace Dress
A sexy, modern interpretation of eras by-gone. Classy!

Aijek Love Knots Tank Dress
Who doesn't own this in multiple colours?!!

Aijek Always Near Top
We heard you ladies have been wearing this in assorted colours to death! We totally understand why. 

Aijek Stella Convertible Dress
The dress that has so many of you converted once you saw it on your silhouette! Simply effortless! 

Aijek Pleated Maxi
This unusual, understated frock with its ingenious smocking details and 'tank-top'-effect makes it dressy without being over-the-top. Definitely a must-have!

Trioon's Sofia Maxi in black
A simple tier, a cinch on the waist, cascades to the ground. Ooh... 

Yumi Kim Leigh Dress
You have gotten so many jealous stares whether you chose to sashay down the streets over the weekend or be seen at a beautiful beach-resort in this frock. 

Burgundy Toga Midi Dress
Speaking for itself, this dinner/party-must-have is elegant and flattering. Throw on a cuff or two and you're all set to 'wow'! 

Lulu Bare Batwing Jersey Dress with Zippers on Sleeves
Those who took our word and tried on this uber-comfortable deceptively-shapeless dress, never looked back. 

Lulu Bare Sleeveless Jersey-maxi

Lulu Bare Tank Dress
Silky-soft, easy-to-wear, in an awesome colour-combination!

Who can forget our AWESOME '10 & Fabulously Pink!' anniversary party in November where we absolutely spoilt the festive-lights out of you?!


Ladies, our sole mission in life in the year 2013 continues to be this - to make you look and feel like a billion bucks, anywhere, anytime! And, as we continue celebrating our 10th fabulous year, the magic lingers as we bring you all things lovely deserving of you!

Our doors are always open for you and our operating hours for the new year are as follows:

New Year's Eve, 31 Dec - 11AM to 9PM

New Year's Day, 1 Jan - 12PM to 8PM

Everyone, hold up your glasses! Here's to a wonderful 2012 we'll always remember, and to a brand-new beautiful and fabulous 2013! Cheers!!

Team Trixilini

Celebrating being 10 & Fabulously Pink!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Zafferano - Divine Dining With a View From The Top

Jolly greetings, ladies! We hope your Christmas was of glad tidings and a very merry one indeed! Whilst everyone's in the mood, we'd like you to get ready for a little shout-and-share we think would make you go 'Ooh! I want that!', more than just thrice!! 

Heard of 'Zafferano'? Been there yet? No? Well, we don't want to brag but here's what you've been missing out on...

The lovely people at the then-4-month-old restaurant-bar so kindly invited us for dinner last month! But what they probably didn't know was we had been dying to be spotted enjoying a meal there in our pretty dresses since we got wind of their opening! Oh, what shall we wear?

Stopped the ride at Golden Shoe next door and in a few, we were at the Ocean Financial Centre where our tummies were raring to be brought into the restaurant for that awesome meal that awaits. First, we had to be elevated to the 43rd floor. Sounds like there'll be quite a view while we satisfied our appetites!

'Ding!' The doors part and we have arrived!!! Out comes the Canon M camera from our kind sponsor, Click, to do its job!

On our way in, we walked by a kitchen full of smiles. We love its interactive design!

One of our hosts for the night, Michele - Director of Experience/Restaurant Manager. Indeed he was most helpful and well-informed!

Alcoholics, rejoice!
Zafferano has over 30 premium Italian wines on offer by the glass, served on wine-dispensing machines, in 3 different sizes - tasting, mid-, and full-size. Just ask their friendly wait-staff for assistance.

And then, there were more.. Is it just us or is there blinding light emanating from the cellar?

Took a snap-shot of the lounge area outside the restaurant before it got dark. Isn't it lovely?

The lofty space with floor-to-ceiling glass-windows made us feel generously welcome. We think this place is perfect for parties! Anyone tying the knot or turning a year older soon?

Shot Kim from the back with the Canon S110 sponsored by Click.

I got shot back.
Kim's wearing Yumi Kim Liz Romper in Blue Petals, and aiming with a Canon M Camera

Grace in Aijek's Endless Stories Cut-out Dress in black, and holding a Canon S110 camera

View was too good not to pose next to.

Alright! Time to head back in!

A gentleman opens the door for lady Kim.

As we were seated, we couldn't help but notice the lovely decor. Picture!!!

Having a look at the menu as dusk falls.

As a pre-dinner treat, a ladies' cocktail-blend named 'Dirty Passion' was specially concocted for us. What a tease!
Tequila-based martini blended with apple-juice, passion-fruit-liquor, lemon, lime with brown-sugar gave the mostly-sweet drink a slight hint of sourness. We loved it!

Mmm... A selection of fresh breads!

Burrata Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes with Basil
True-blue cheese-fans, you will adore the rich, creamy taste of this not-so-little white block of heaven that's nicely balanced by the refreshing flavours of the tomatoes. Yummy!

We love attention to detail. Even their serving boards bear their initial.


Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops with Bronte-pistachios and Mint
This dish is especially worth mentioning because as soon as Izan heard than Kim didn't eat cheese, she had the chef whip this up for her. Such hospitality! And, ladies, it tasted as fabulous as it looked!!! Soft, moist slivers of ocean-goodness melting in your mouth...

Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms and Black Truffle
Risotto was cooked to perfect-bite and so well-coated with butter and cream! A simple, yet delicious treat!! We *heart* truffles!

Slow-cooked Wagyu Beef-cheek in Chianti Red Wine with artichoke and black truffles
Ladies and gentlemen, to get high, you HAVE to try this!!!
This flavourful piece of heaven blew us away with its incredible tender-juicyness! You KNOW the arduous hours of slow-cooking was all well worth it!!

Mini Sweet-treats on a Tray
Nicely done classics like tiramisu, fine chocolate-mousse, premium chocolate cigar filled with Amedei black chocolate 70% mousse (that wasn't so common) and creme brulee, with a lime-sorbet that refreshed our palates in-between each. The perfect ending to a perfect meal with a view!

The mastermind behind our big, satisfied bellies that night - Chef Roberto de Franco! 

It was time to continue our girly chit-chat back outside over drinks and that city-scape-view that has transformed into a picture of beautiful lights. We had to let you know how impressed we were with the Canon M camera! The place was pretty dark! Where did all that light come from??

We caught the laser-light show, and what a sight it was! Once again, the Canon M didn't disappoint.


The city's skyline sure looks lovely at night.

Alas, it's time for us to leave! But, not without one final shot with the sweet and ever-bubbly Izan whose hospitality was seamless! You can be sure we'll be back! 

Those very lucky ladies who managed to get their hands on a 20% discount voucher (on dinner) at Zafferano at our 10th anniversary party, make your reservation really soon before it expires 31 Jan 2013!

Zafferano is located at:

Ocean Financial Centre, Level 43 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315.
Tel: +65 6509 1488
 Fax: +65 6509 1565.

Pretty pictures powered by:

the most modern and awesome camera store in Singapore.

using Canon's latest EOS-M in black

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Team Trixilini

Celebrating being 10 & Fabulously Pink!