Saturday, June 27, 2009

UOB Ladies - YU "Special Buys"

Bellini - SGD$199

The best of this week's GSS fabulous finds!

Beth - Original retail price at SGD$369
Now 50% savings at SGD$184.50

Francine - Original retail price at SGD$369
Now 20% savings at SGD$ 295.20

Junkie - Original retail price at SGD$349
Now 50% savings at SGD$174.50

Nina Summer Frock - Origianl retail price at SGD$189
Now 20% savings at SGD$151.20

Aeon - Original retail price at SGD$299

Now 50% savings at SGD$149.50

UOB Ladies - Posse "Special Buys"

Beatrix - SGD$399

Friday, June 19, 2009

Felz & Nez Jewelry - New Collection in store now!

Ursula necklace - SGD$139

Teddy necklace - SGD$149

VB earrings - SGD$100

Soleil earrings - SGD$129

Rosed earrings - SGD$100

Norah earrings - SGD$129

Nessie earrings - SGD$100

Marisol earrings - SGD$100

Every girl's dream necklace - SGD$199

Elenna earrings - SGD$100

Eleanor earrings - SGD$159

Childhood memory earrings - SGD$89 each

UOB Ladies - Posse "Special Buys"

More colors in store and in limited quantities! Pls ring us at Tel: 63387060 to reserve your piece now!

Eva - SGD$199

Eva - SGD$199

Trixilini - 'GSS' Further Reductions!!

The best of this week's GSS fabulous finds!

Belinda - Original retail price at SGD$529
Now 30% savings at SGD$370.30

Jaime - Original retail price at SGD$839
Now 50% savings at SGD$419.50

Queen - Original retail price at SGD$489
Now 30% savings at SGD$342.30

Ruffle sleeve shirt dress - Original retail price at SGD$229
Now 30% savings at SGD$160.30

Imogen - Original retail price at SGD$699
Now 50% savings at SGD$349.50

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heather - lady heather rings collection

Lady Heather collection - SGD119 each

Vintage ring feather bezels. Swarovksi facetted oval crystal 18*13mm stone. Colours available are only the ones featured above; amethyst, emerald green, dark green and black onyx. Length of ring is about 1.25 inches

Vintage Statement ring collection - SGD138 each

(from left to right; Spray of gems, Dewdrops at night, A cloud of blue)

Each ring is a one-off piece. Adjustable band imported from Tokyo. There are different vintage pieces featured such as Swarovski facet ted crystals, studded with various Swarovski crystal roundels & pearls. Diameter of ring is about 1 inch

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The best of this week's GSS fabulous finds!

Swinger (print) - Original retail price at SGD$349
Now 30% savings at SGD$244.30

Betsy - Original retail price at SGD$339
Now 50% savings at SGD$169.50

Alexis - Original retail price at SGD$429
Now at 50% savings at SGD$214.50

Felicia Frills - Original Retail price at SGD$269
Now at 50% savings at SGD$134.50

Katherine Doll Dress - Original retail price at SGD$389
Now at 30% savings at SGD$272.30

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picks of the Month - Silk singlet & drape dresses from Zimmermann

June Must haves! Dont miss out on these frocks!

Silk drape dress

Silk singlet dress - front view

Silk singlet dress - back view

UOB ladies - Heather GSS "Special Buys" (ALL RESERVED)

Hi ladies, many thanks for your over whelming response on our UOB ladies card promotion for Heather's GSS "special buys"! They've all been reserved! The pieces will be released on Fri, 19 June for collection.

Any no shows will be carried forward to the next in line.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

UOB ladies - Heather GSS "Special Buys"

Heather designs the "Muses" collection.

The Muses in Greek mythology, poetry, and literature are the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation of literature and the arts.

Originally said to be three in number, by the Classical times of the 400s BC, their number had grown and become set at nine goddesses who embody the arts and inspire the creation process with their graces through remembered and improvised song and stage, writing, traditional music, and dance.

Thalia for Comedy SGD150 now SGD100

Terpsichore for Dance SGD150 now SGD100

Calliope for Epic poetry SGD150 now SGD100

Urania for astronomy SGD150 now SGD100

Polyhymnia for Choral poetry SGD150 now SGD100

Euterpe for Music SGD150 now SGD100

Erato for Lyric Poetry SGD150 now SGD100

Clio for History SGD150 now SGD100

Heather - GSS Clearance

Heather VIP customers get an additional 5% off the sale price

Off 10%:
1) Spring showers - blue bird with umbrella necklace - now SGD189
2) Happy Tweeting - little blue bird with white flowers necklace - now SGD189
3) Buzzing along - humming bird necklace (in Elle mag) - now SGD189
4) On gilted wings - gold bird necklace - now SGD209
5) All Steampunk items

Off 15%:
6) Sunlight - big white enamel flower w butterfly necklace (worn by the host in an upcoming tv variety show) -now SGD139
7) Shining light - brown owl necklace - now SGD139
8) The Coy Fox - fox necklace - now SGD220

Off 15%
9) Gothic Cross - earrings - now SGD189
10) Fairy Garden - earrings - now SGD189
11) Whole bespoke range - the existing items in shop and not for new bespoke pieces

SALE ends Sun, 5 July 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The best of this week's GSS fabulous finds!

Isabelle - Original retail price at $309
Now 50% savings at $154.50

Stella stitchalot - Original retail price at $439
Now 50% savings at $219.50

Halo - Original retail price at SGD$369
Now 20% savings at SGD$295.20

Izzy - Original retail price at SGD$309
Now 20% savings at SGD$247.20

Julian - Original retail price at $469
Now 50% savings at $234.50