Sunday, June 7, 2009

UOB ladies - Heather GSS "Special Buys"

Heather designs the "Muses" collection.

The Muses in Greek mythology, poetry, and literature are the goddesses or spirits who inspire the creation of literature and the arts.

Originally said to be three in number, by the Classical times of the 400s BC, their number had grown and become set at nine goddesses who embody the arts and inspire the creation process with their graces through remembered and improvised song and stage, writing, traditional music, and dance.

Thalia for Comedy SGD150 now SGD100

Terpsichore for Dance SGD150 now SGD100

Calliope for Epic poetry SGD150 now SGD100

Urania for astronomy SGD150 now SGD100

Polyhymnia for Choral poetry SGD150 now SGD100

Euterpe for Music SGD150 now SGD100

Erato for Lyric Poetry SGD150 now SGD100

Clio for History SGD150 now SGD100

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