Monday, October 31, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

Before stepping into the festivity, let us wish our Muslim friends 'Selamat Hari Raya Haji'! As always, you can count on us for all your sartorial-cravings! Our doors are open from 12-8PM on Monday, 6 November, next week!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Yumi Kim Comes To Town - Part II

The rain yesterday was such a bummer, but did that stop some of you ladies from showing up? No way! We share with you some snap-shots from our meet-and-style with Kim yesterday, courtesy of Leica with their absolutely brand-new, gorgeous d-lux 5 camera in titanium!!

Check out the vintage-chic contraption!


A close-up of the uber-stylish device that captures in true, vivid hues.
Watch out for its next appearance with its partner-in-crime, the v-lux 30, at our birthday party coming up on the 12th of November!

Now, let's start with a few shots around the store before the ladies arrive...

Joy-makers that taste as wonderful as they look!
Always moist and never cloyingly-sweet, everyone has to try Twelve Cupcakes in their lifetime!!

Our little 'tea-time chalk-board' says "Yumi Kim *hearts* Trixilini!"
We *heart* you back!

Our mannqeuins are dressed in, what else, but Yumi Kim?
Goddess Maxi in Jemstar on the left, and Goddess in Pop Art on the right.

Ooh! Our first Yumi Kim fan!!

Lovely Oi Yee (left) meant to grace our session in one of her many Yumi Kim frocks but had a little wardrobe-mishap (sauces are meant only for food!) in the day... Sigh... but all is not lost! Scroll to find out...
Psst! That's Kim on the right!!

Joanne rocking the classic Goddess dress in Fuchsia Petals while being given a kiss by our adorable other-guest-of-the-day, Eggo! She was such a crowd-pleaser!

Our loyal fan, Kelly (left), who raced from work just in time to meet Kim! She's got on the Stella dress in Morris (just one of the two frocks she snagged last night to add to her collection at home. *ahem*).

Teri, Joanne and Kim enjoying their bubbly over girly chit-chat.
Wonder where the two ladies hid their bags of purchases...

What's that we spot in your left hand, Oi Yee? Didn't think we were going to let you sneak off without catching you red-handed, did you? :)
By the way, she zipped off in one of her new acquisitions, the ever sexy Jayne dress in a hot pink! Worn it under her black jacket with its sleeves rolled up! Must have distracted one-too-many wherever she went last night! Sexy!

Two beautiful 'Kim's (left one in the gorgeous Yumi dress in charcoal that's selling like hot cakes) with the very lucky Adrick

The Trixilini girls get together with Kim for a quick group-shot before the evening ended.

Every lady who came excited, left doubly so with an average of two pieces from Yumi Kim she couldn't wait to introduce to her closet. We love making people happy!!!

Until next time!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yumi Kim - New and In-Store Now!

Leon Dress in Purple

Leon Dress in Teal

Grecian Dress in Broken Hearts

Stella Dress in Morris

Jayne Dress in Magenta

Lizzie Dress in Magenta

Yumi Dress in Charcoal

Yumi Top in Charcoal

Yumi Dress in Zebra Stripes

Jayne dress in Zebra Stripes


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yumi Kim Comes To Town! - 27 Oct, 5-8PM

Calling out to Yumi Kim fans!

27 October 2011, 5 to 8PM
- save the date because you're so gonna wanna be here when the 'Queen of Prints' herself arrives at Trixilini! Get up-close and personal with this style-maven who's a closet full-of-fun, as she works her magic on you at this meet-and-style affair! You will have so much fun with this unrestrained New-Yorken fashionista, picking up on style-tips and discovering looks you never thought you had with your Yumi Kim frocks!

Psst! You're in for a special treat, too! But, sorry, we're keeping mum! Only those who make it will find out what the 'yummy' is! We hope you're as thrilled as we are! Cya on Thursday!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Jos and Rachel - Tania Dress.

Fretting over what to wear to that dinner-function coming up? Guess who's just arrived? Sexy without being OTT is what she is. In an understated cut, she comes in two lovely shades of cobalt-blue, and taupe, cinched around the waist with a belt in black lace. Ooh la la!

Tania in Blue
SGD 429

Tania in Taupe
SGD 429


Posse - Flouncy Jersey Dress

Work can be such a dread... But it doesn't mean you have to look it! We are always here to jazz your day up with dress-ideas to combat those office-blues. Take a peek at what's just arrived from Posse!

Jersey with Flounce (Beige)
SGD 169

Jersey with Flounce (Teal)
SGD 169


Les Affaires - Our Favourite Picks!

Be bedroom-chic with these hot picks from Les Affaires! Not just pretty-faces, these threads are lovely against your skin and comfortable with every movement of your silhouette.

Romper with Contrast Binding (pink)
SGD 49

Camisole Bustier Top with Satin Trim (pink)
SGD 46

Capri with lace (pink)
SGD 49

BabyDoll Camisole & Boxer Shorts with Lace and Binding (Pink)
SGD 69


Happy Diwali!

Hello, ladies! It's Deepavali on the 26th of October, Wednesday, and we're open from 12 to 8PM to meet all your sartorial needs! We'd also like to take this opportunity to send our regards to our Indian friends, to tell you, 'have a happy Diwali'! Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jos & Rachel - 'Penelope' red silk chiffon dress on Elaine

Our lovely customer, Elaine looking resplendent in Jos + Rachel's wine-red silk-chiffon dress for her recent wedding photo-shoot! Thank you for sending us this lovely picture to share the love!

SGD 599

Available in store now!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Bosses' Day!

That day has come for us to show some lovin' to the lady who's been kind to us in more ways than one. For all those lunches, and pats-on-the-back, here're some ideas you could use to say 'thank you'...

Sovoia Bangles
SGD 309

Amber Necklace
SGD 169

Choo Yi Lin's Pebble series in sky blue topaz and green ametyst
SGD 295

Marilyn Tan's square ring collection
SGD 195

Boheme's Adana Earings
SGD 159

Felz and Nez's Dainty Rose necklace
SGD 199

Don't split hair-ends not knowing what to gift her with! Tell us how much you'd like to blow on your lady-boss, and we will arrange for the 'pink money' (available in denominations of 50 and 100) to be sealed in an envelope, ready for your pick-up. She'd be so pleased, you might just get a little extra at the end of the year. *winks*


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Trioon - Crocheted Shift-Dress

Love Olivia lace-blouse and want more? We've managed to snag three pieces of shift-dresses in crocheted lace just for you ladies! You know what that means. Wait, and you'll miss them!

Crocheted Shift-dress in ivory
SGD 248