Thursday, November 29, 2012

Panasonic Beauty Empowers You This Festive Season!

It's that most wonderful time of year once more, ladies, and as we continue celebrating being '10 & Fabulously Pink', we've got you covered this jolly party-season with Panasonic, Beauty of Empowerment!! Looking gorgeous and feeling fabulous have never been this convenient.

Psst! Your SGD10 voucher (against a minimum purchase of SGD50) for Panasonic beauty products at Harvey Norman, Millenia Walk, expires 30 Nov, Friday!

All Tressed Up!

Cancel the 'dry' in 'blow-drying' with Panasonic's NanoCare Hair-dryer EH-NA30!! Moisturise your hair with nano-size ions that smoothen hair-cuticles and maintain your scalp's PH-balance while you style your locks with confidence! How awesome is that?

One charmed shopper will bag a piece in pink this season!

Prefer to use just one tool? We've got a couple you could pick from:

Whether it's a sleek-do or sexy tousled curls, Multi-styling Straighteners EH-HW18 or EH-HW58 will do the job in no time, all the while protecting your strands from damage with its ceramic-coat! And, just to show you how easy it is to achieve lovely locks with this baby, Kim puts the EH-HW18 to the test!

A quick 'before-shot'.

Here's Kim drying her hair using the NanoCar Hair-dryer before curling

Here she goes!

Clamp and drag..

Drag and twist as you go.

Release, and you have a nice, bouncy curl!

Half-done! So far, so fab'! Keep going on the other side!

And, voila! Kim with sexy, tousled coiffure (wearing Lulu Bare's bat-wing jersey dress with zippers and necklace from Felz & Nez)!

We decided to try it on someone with short hair just to show how fab' it could look, too, so we roped in Natalie to be our model. Check out how Panasonic's Multi-straightener breathed bounce into her usual straight hair. 

Side-profile. Looking great, huh?!

We love how the back looks too!!

Had to take another shot.

And, there you have it!

Now that you're wondering 'where have you been all my life?' and scribbling it on that Christmas wish-list of yours, you might consider bagging their travel-friendly version (Compact Multi-styling Straightener, EH-HW17) as well, to ensure your tresses look amazing no matter where you go.

One charmed shopper will bag a piece in pink this season!


Setting the latest trend of hair-drying brushes, you might want a Panasonic Hair-styler EHKA-72 that comes with 4 attachments - nozzle, blow-brush, slim roller-brush, and roller-brush - for the freedom of your different needs.

Glow from within:

Every lady should have one of Panasonic's NanoCare Facial Ionic Steamer EH-SA31 at home, because we deserve to be pampered wherever, whenever! Allow ultra-fine nano-ionic steam to permeate your skin's surface to moisturise from within, tighten your pores and increase skin-firmness. Hydrated, supple skin, here we come!!

One charmed shopper will bag a piece this season!

Throw in the Pore-cleanser EH2513 for more refined skin and Facial-roller EH-SP30 which imitates the rhythmic hand-massage techniques of an aesthetician to stretch and firm those facial muscles! Didn't we promise to make you look your most fabulous yet this season?!


Enter the age of electrical eye-lash curlers. With a heated comb that rotates 360° (in either direction), this easy-to-use Eyelash-curler EH-SE60 gives you long-lasting lash-curls. Bat generously! 

One charmed shopper will bag a piece this season!

Flash your pearly-white's!

Fresh breath and a bright smile are always appreciated! Slip a Panasonic Pocket Doltz Toothbrush in the colour of your choice into your purse to ensure you're conversation- and picture-ready!

Five charmed shoppers will each bag a piece this season!

Flaunt those pins in a mini-dress!

Arm yourself with the world's first foam-epilator for fast and gentle hair-removal from Panasonic for smooth, hairless skin in those party-mini's! 

Primp your fingers!

Another purse-essential this party period is Panasonic's 4-in-1 sleek nail-care gadget ES-WC20 that shapes, grooms, buffs and polishes! We like the sound of that!

Check out Panasonic's beauty counter at Harvey Norman, Millenia Walk for more information!

Pictures by Trixilini powered by:

the most modern and awesome camera store in Singapore.

using Canon's latest EOS-M in black

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(Pre-order) Trioon - Toga Maxi Frock in Graphic Chilli/Navy

Chiffon by Trioon Toga-maxi Dress in Chilli/Navy Graphic-print
SGD 218

Don't we all just love our maxi-dresses for their maxi(pun intended)-mum output (read: make us look gorgeous) with minimum input (effort)?

This party season, we're all for looking really fun and chic, while totally maintaining the 'comfort' factor. We think you'll love Chiffon by Trioon's new introduction of a relaxed jersey-maxi in a toga-style that finishes with a pretty little navy ribbon on your shoulder. Its super-cool graphic-print in chilli-red and navy will also do the job of taking the attention off any buffets you've had or a cookie/fruitcake too-many this festive period.


We're taking pre-orders from now until 6 Dec, Thursday! Sizes available: 0 (XS), 1 (S), 2 (M), and 3 (L). Please send your queries and orders to Natalie at!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Our new favorite Sakura Jade rings from Choo Yilin!

Inspired by one of the most loved flowers, Choo Yilin brings you their interpretation of the sakura, or 'cherry blossom'. 

Exclusive to our store for our 10th anniversary, it follows their best-selling jade rings with an even more sculptural twist-- sakura flowers carved out in bronze, and gilded in precious gold and luminous gemstones.

Ahem... have we just grown your Christmas 'gifts-for-myself list' this festive season? 


Love some sparkles this party season! New In from Frue Frue Jewellery

Alisa Necklace SGD129

Alterlia necklace SGD129

Annwen necklace SGD119

Aqurius necklace SGD159

Arabella earrings SGD149

Bryony necklace SGD139

Clementine earrings SGD99

Clover earrings SGD99

Cressida necklace SGD139

Eugenie necklace SGD159

Evie earrings SGD59

Joscasta necklaceSGD149

Layla necklace SGD149

Lexi earrings SGD89

Petriece earrings SGD69

Raeanna earrings SGD149

Rhonwen necklace SGD149

Savannah earrings SGD149

Willow earrings SGD159

Zara necklace SGD149