Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earth Hour - 31 March, Sat, 8.30PM - 9.30PM

Yes, we can!! As their slogan goes, Earth Hour unites the people to protect the planet. This Saturday, 31st March, we show that shopaholics can indeed do our part and pledge our support by folding our doors early and switching off our lights at 8.30PM so for those of you who need your therapy on that day, make sure you zip on by early to allow yourself sufficient indulgence

Operating hours on 31 March, Saturday:
11AM to 8.30PM

Trixilini *heart* the Earth!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Jewelry Box Gift Set - Pamelia Tng

We bet you ladies are dying to put a face to that lucky winner of the Crabtree & Evelyn yummy worth SGD120! Before that, let's look at the prize we were so close to baggin' (or, at least that's what we want to think)!

There it is... So velvety and desirable...

(From top, L-R): Bath & shower gel (245ml), triple-milled soap (40g), body lotion (245ml), Eau de Toilette (100ml) and body cream (100g)... *sigh*...

Finally! Our proud winner, Pamelia looking lovely, beaming with her new Crabtree & Evelyn Iris Jewelry Box Gift Set! Guess which other lovely lady has something she loves in her arms too? Isn't she just adorable?!

Until next time, everyone!


Trixilini - Spring Into Gorgeous! Event Highlights

And you all sure did...

You came, you shopped, and you left with bags of happiness... Here's a peek at a little at what went on last Saturday before the crowd came in...

Table of Treats!

"Good Things to Eat" - As many of you found out..

There they are! Every girl's crush - cupcakes!!

Couldn't resist giving them another spot here! Ogle at the close-up of these creamy and moist indulgences.

Phoenix Organics Fruit Juices looking so cheery and inviting..

A peek at what else you pampered ladies toted home (Clockwise bottom-left): HANDS + FEET STUDIO 30% voucher*, Marmalade Pantry @ The Stables SGD 30 dining voucher*, HoneyWorld 30% voucher*, Phoenix Organics fruit juices, Taste of Nature fruit and nut bars, HoneyWorld Manuka honey, NW Hollywood-gossip magazine. Woohoo!!

Ooh.. looks like your week ahead is all planned with a nice meal at The Marmalade Pantry @ The Stables with the girls, shopping and stocking up of Manuka honey at HoneyWorld for that glow this Spring, and having your pins massaged and nails primped at HANDS + FEET STUDIO.... ah, the sweet life...

We take a quick peek inside NW to check out some of the latest Hollywood gossip. Ooh! It's Kim Kardashian!

Oops! The guests have started to arrive. Time for the cam' to do some snooping.

Jan and her friends pose in front of Ashlyne's jewellery

Ladies, looking good, with a glass of Phoenix Organics fruit juice in hand.

Sharon, her daughter, and Laura looking very cheery. And who wouldn't be after having snagged some pretty frocks from Trixilini?

Another shot, just Kelly and Laurel this time around. Check out how lovely Kelly looks in Aijek's Always Near Twisted Strap top in nude, and Laurel is just looking so relaxed in a comfy slub-tee and Aijek's cute Sparrow-print shorts with ruffles!

Kim in Aijek's The Wait Is Over dress in lilac, poses for a quick shot here with Lina. We've missed you, Lina! Enjoy your new purchases!

Yikes! The buzz has begun...

We have to apologize those were all the snaps we have from our event. We missed out capturing on camera so many of you who turned up! Our bad! Things just got a little too busy for us to catch our breath! No matter! There's always next time, ladies!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aijek - New Arrivals for Spring 2012!

Yes, the wait is over, ladies! Aijek's first part of Spring 2012 has finally hit Trixilini-shore!! Swipe into your bag these essential classic pieces in pretty solid hues!!! No one's gonna blame you for buying the same piece in different colours!!

Always Near Twisted Strap Dress in Red
SGD 229

Always Near Twisted Strap Dress in Nude
SGD 229

Always Near Twisted Strap Dress in Navy
 SGD 229


Stella Convertible Dress in Black
SGD 279

Always Near Twisted Strap Top in White
SGD 129

Always Near Twisted Strap Top in Nude
SGD 129

Always Near Twisted Strap Top in Navy
SGD 129


The Wait Is Over Backless dress in Taupe
SGD 279

Secret Whispers Open-back Dress in Persimmon
SGD 249


Secret Whispers Open-back in Dusty Lilac
SGD 249


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trioon - New Arrivals

Satin Pleated Dress in Taupe
SGD 248


Crepe de Chine Drape Dress in Peach
SGD 218

Crepe de Chine Drape Dress in Whisper-grey
SGD 218


Aijek's Swirl In Circles and The Wait Is Over dresses - Your Spring must-have!

Swirl In Circles Dress in Mint
SGD 239

The Wait Is Over in Lilac
SGD 279




Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Into Gorgeous! - 17 March, this Saturday, 2-5PM

Hello, pretties!

The season of bloom is upon us and guess what we have in store for you! Go dizzy over a 20% on Aijek's latest Spring collection while licking off cream on cupcakes, and sipping on 100% organic fruit juices! All that, and you might tote home, along with your spoils on Saturday, goodies that would make put any lady on cloud 9!

Last, but definitely far from the least, is a gorgeous Iris Jewelry Box Gift Set worth SGD120 from Crabtree & Evelyn up for grabs! 

Need to have it? 'Like' us on Facebook ( and RSVP for 'Spring Into Gorgeous!' on Facebook happening this Saturday from 2 to 5PM on Facebook, and you might just be that one lucky lady we'd all love to hate!

Not on Facebook? Worry not! Simply drop an e-mail to or dial 6338-7060 with your RSVP and you'd still be entitled a chance at all those goodies and perks!


Crabtree & Evelyn - Iris Jewelry Box Gift Set Up for grabs!

Two essentials for your Spring fling this season - a pretty little frock, and smooth, glorious-smelling skin kissed with Crabtree & Evelyn's Iris collection!! Inspired by a single, glorious bloom, Iris is created with the finest classic Iris rhizome - orris root - which is aged to perfection, and surrounded by velvety accords of violet and jasmine. Prized for centuries by royalty and nobility, we know we're going to fall deep in love with it.

Ah... there it is! A beautiful Iris Jewelry Box Gift Set dressed in what other colour than of royalty, with contents even more divine from the Iris collection by Crabtree & Evelyn worth SGD120.  In there you will find, a luxurious triple-milled soap (40g) and bath & shower gel (245ml) for an indulgent time in the shower, pampering body lotion (245ml) and body cream (100g) with textures your skin will soak up lovingly afterwards, and an Eau de Toilette (100ml) as a finishing touch. 

Got to have this bad? 'Like' us (look to the right-hand-side of the page and click on 'Like us on Facebook!' in pink) and RSVP for our 'Spring Into Gorgeous!' event on Facebook and you might just be that one lucky, lovely-smelling lady we'd all love to hate! Yes, you heard us right! "One"! Are those claws I see? You'd need them!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Marmalade Pantry @ the Stables

You love seeing and being seen there. You adore their delectable treats, anytime of the day. Now, you will be twice as delighted because The Marmalade Pantry in the City has a new partner-in-crime taking over the stables at 55 Fairways Drive! 

Offering a rustic experience within an old converted stable, The Marmalade Pantry @ the Stables provides the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city-life  as you and your girlfriends (or, ahem, date or partner) gather over brunch, high-tea, dinner, or all of the above! Unwind and chatter over alluring treats and delightful cocktails.

Entrance to The Marmalade Pantry @ the Stables

Inviting idyllic interior

Nothing starts the weekend (or just any day) like a delish brunch does

What a plate of comforting creamy pasta wouldn't do...

Adjourn to the laid-back outdoor area, perfect for that morning or evening after-meal sip

RSVP for 'Spring Into Gorgeous' happening on 17 March, Saturday, between 2 to 5PM to gratify your sweet-tooth with cupcakes on-the-spot from Marmalade Pantry @ the Stables, and you also might just be kicking up your heels, tucking into comforting food, at this lovely away-from-it-all locale, at a 30% discount*! Life is indeed sweet!

*Terms and conditions apply.

The Marmalade Pantry @ the Stables is available at:

55  Fairways Drive
Singapore 286846

Tel: +65 6467-9328

Reservations: +65 6467-7748

Operating hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 3PM to 11PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10AM to 11PM
Closed on Monday.

Visit for more information.


NW Magazine - Your Hollywood gossip-read

Admit it! We all love a bit of gossip sometimes, especially when they are juicy ones on Hollywood celebrities!

Enter NW - the one-stop gossip-magazine which gets inside Hollywood like no other weekly women's magazine, bringing you bigger, brighter gossip with the best picture-exclusives and the week's hottest stories! No one's going to judge you for not being able to resist flipping the pages. C'mon! We all need to unwind after a hard day's work!

Check out a couple of the recent NW magazine-covers (and highlights)!!

Want your dose of weekly Hollywood-bites? RSVP for our 'Spring Into Gorgeous!' event and you might just get your hands on your first copy! 

We know that won't be your last so here's what Allscript Establishment, distributor of NW magazine, would like to treat you to - an exclusive 20% discount on a 6-month subscription (24 copies) of NW magazine (valid only till end-April 2012)! You pay just SGD139 instead of SGD175.20 for 24 weekly doses of juicy updates! It doesn't get any better than this!

There are a few ways about this:

Email with the subject title 'Trixilini's NW Promotion' with your following details:
1. Name
2. Mailing address
3. Contact number
4. Credit-card details
    - Type (Mastercard/Visa)
    - Credit-card number
    - Date of expiry
5. A reply with instructions will be sent to you.


Register with Allscript (, log in, and follow these instructions:
1. Click on
2. In the 'Special Requests' box on the right of the magazine-cover, type "Trixilini's NW Promotion".
2. Click on 'Order single issue'.
3. Select '24 weekly' under the 'frequency' drop-box.
4. Select 'update' (green button on the right). The grand total should be SGD175.20
5. Select 'pay by credit card' and fill out your credit-card details in the window that pops out.
6. Select 'update status' (your credit card details will be stored in the encrypted system) but no payment will be made yet.
7. An e-mail with instructions will be sent to you.


Visit Allscript Establishment at the newly-opened i12 Katong Mall, at 112 East Coast Road #B1-17 to enjoy the same privilege! Remember, the offer ends 30 April. Time's a wastin'!