Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Felz & Nez Christmas Collection

These adorable, must-have trinkets are getting us all excited! You simply have to have your own!

My Little Daisy - SGD 109

I Heart Autumn - SGD 79

Dazzing - SGD 79

1 Carat - $69

Gellie - SGD 69

Virtue Necklace - SGD 189

Garden Party Necklace - SGD 159

Aythe Necklace - SGD 179

La Medallion Necklace - SGD 189


FrueFrue - Gold Rush Collection

Ladies, here's some eye-, and arm-candy from FrueFrue for you to ogle at this festive season. You know you have to have them...

Hanna Bracelets - SGD 139

Viola Bracelet - SGD 149

Jemima Bracelet - SGD 139

Pearl Bracelets - SGD 89

Pauline Necklace - SGD 149

Hilda Necklace - SGD 149

Tiffany Necklace - SGD 149

Simone Necklace - SGD 129


Christmas 'bling' - gift ideas

Hang up those stockings, and dress up that tree, because it's that most wonderful time of the year again!!!

But before you put on those party hats, and boggie to Christmas choruses, stack on those 'bling' from our jewellery labels, that is a must this festive season!! And while you're at it, pick a few for your friends and loved ones. After all, it is the season of giving!

Ashlyne's Earrings
SGD 68

Frue - Hanna Bracelets

SGD 139

D A V E Trio Ring - Prasiolite, Pink Amethyst & Rose Quartz

SGD 346

Felz & Nez - Mapled Necklace
SGD 209

Mayberry - Moonstone Necklace

SGD 170


Monday, November 22, 2010

'Frock & Roll!' Snaps!

'Frock & Roll!' was officially a blast! Thank you, ladies, for your undying support! We know you had a swell time sipping on wines from Hermitage Wine, and you definitely went crazy on Red Rock Deli's awesome chips! I even heard a lament that she could not stop putting her hand back in the bowl of chips... Shan't give names...

A pity we were in such a frenzy at the event, and have no photos of it to show... *sobs* No worries, though! We clicked a few shots before the party started.

Here's what you'll find in your bag of 'Frock & Roll!' party essentials!

Table set up with wine-glasses, and bags, and bags, of divine munchies

Our silly attempt at building a Red Rock Deli Christmas tree

We promise to try our bestest to squeeze in some shots at our next event coming up soon! Watch this space! Until next time, ladies!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Les Affaires - 'Naughty & Nice' Fashion Show

Les Affaires is all naughty and nice this festive season, teasing us all with an OD of très sexy laces! At their fashion parade held recently, Les Affaires blew us away with their showcase! Of course, good things are meant to be shared, so here's what went on at Také, Studio M hotel.

A few behind-the-scenes shots of the lanky models getting primped

A model with Les Affaires's main designer, Melissa Chang, on the left, looking swell in one of her gorgeous creations!

The lady behind the label, Felicia (far right), with her friends

Another shot, here with Annabel Tan (far right), first runner-up of Miss Universe Singapore 2010, winner of Female Magazine's 50 Most Gorgeous People 2009, and compère for the evening.

These ladies could not wait until the show was over to raid the racks! We don't blame you!

Check out Les Affaires's pretty bedroom frocks below!

Chemise with Lace & Slit in Khaki (Also available in Brown)

SGD 69

Chemise with Button in Purple (Also available Dark Grey)

SGD 69

Dress with Lace in Charcoal (Also available in Khaki)

SGD 69

Romper with Lace Yoke Front in Purple

SGD 55

Camisole Set with Lace in Red (Also available in Black)

SGD 69

Chemise with Lace in Grey (Also available in Peach)

SGD 69

Babydoll Set in Purple (Also available in Pink)

SGD 55

Maxi Dress in Peach (Also available in Black)

SGD 85

This vintage-inspired tiered bridal dress, unveiled towards the end of the fashion show, was the icing on the cake. A specially-created piece, it was auctioned and sold to a very generous lady, at a bid of SGD 500, with 50% of the proceeds donated to a good cause - the Breast Cancer Foundation.

And, that's a wrap, ladies! Pop by to get your own piece(s) of 'bedroom lovely'!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Hari Raya Haji!

We know we're not the first to yell 'yippee' because it's a public holiday tomorrow! Don't worry, though! We're going to remain open from 11AM as usual, to address all your stylish needs! But, we'd like to shut the doors a tad earlier, at 8PM. So, ladies, go crazy before then!

Have an awesome Hari Raya Haji, ladies!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Posse - "Frock & Roll" New Arrivals

Ladies, may we have your attention, please? Are you ready to 'Frock & Roll' this Thursday?!!!! You should be! Here's something to whet your appetite...

Flaunting the dichotomies of modesty and sexiness, coyness and friskiness, Posse's Fall '10 collection beckons you to channel the femme fatale within. In hues of purple and black, accented with touches of metallic squash and ivory, the threads, with hints of lace, cleverly maneuver and hug your silhouette, with just the right dose of 'peek-a-boo', in a seemingly effortless fashion.

It's all about the curves, ladies. Try as you might, you are taking centre-stage at every one of those parties...

Irena in dusty pink - SGD 329

Irena (close-up)

Irena (back-view) - comes with French lace camisole

Raye in taupe - SGD 369

Raye in teal - SGD 369

Lara in taupe - SGD 389

Lara in teal - SGD 389

Anya in Aubergine - SGD 299

Anya in Midnight - SGD 299

Anastasia in Magenta - SGD 489

Anastasia in Aubergine - SGD 489

Nikita in Coral - SGD 449

Nikita with Belt

Nikita in Champagne - SGD 449

Nikita with Yu Belt (SGD 45)

Angelique - SGD$849

Angelique - Close up

Katrina in Aubergine - SGD$789

Katrina in Aubergine - Close Up

Katrina in Mid-night - SGD$789

Katrina in Mid-night - Close Up

Marlene in Aubergine - SGD$649

Marlene in Aubergine - Back view

Marlene in Magenta - SGD$649

Marlene in Magenta - Back view

Anoushka - SGD$769

Anoushka in fushia - SGD$769

Anoushka - Close up

Harlow - SGD$589

Harlow - Close up

Harlow in Champagne - SGD$589

Bardot in Aubergine - SGD$689

Bardot in Aubergine - Close Up

Bardot in Magenta - SGD$689

Bardot in Magenta -Close Up

Martini in Print - SGD$629

Martini in Print - Close Up

Tatianna in Mid-night - SGD$749

Tatianna in Mid-night - Close up

Tatianna in Aubergine - SGD $749

Tatianna in Aubergine - SGD$749