Monday, April 13, 2009

Heather - "The Northern Lights" Special 3 piece collection inspired by Posse Summer collection

Enthused by Posse's latest Summer collection arriving in store this weekend, Heather designed a very personal capsule collection in collaboration with posse titled "The Northern Lights"! 

Expect bright and colorful jewel hues inspired palettes! The focal pieces are incredibly rare and old (but fabulous condition) czechoslovakian rhinestone buttons ! Yes ! Buttons ! Can you imagine the clothes they used to adorn?! time period about 40s after the war..celebration of wearing gunny sacks for so long ! 

Revontulet necklace - SGD$239

(The Finnish name for northern lights is revontulet, fox fires. According to legend, foxes are made of fire lived in Lapland, and revontulet were the sparks they whisked up into the atmosphere with their tails.) 

Dance of the spirits necklace - SGD$230

Aurora necklace - SGD$230 (SOLD)

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