Thursday, April 9, 2009

Frue Brides - Bespoke Service at Trixilini

We know how important the "BIG DAY" is to every woman. We've seen how brides - to - be always charging in looking for the perfect jewelry to match her "dream wedding dress"! 

We know how it feels to really want something and not being able to find it in stores. 

Presenting Frue Brides "Bespoke" service, we're now able to customize pieces specially to your desire! 

Simply bring in your dress or a picture of your dress and let us know how you'll like to be accessorize and we'll do the rest. 

At Trixilini, we're always thinking for the fabulous you!  

Pls ring Grace today for an appointment or enquire further at tel: 6338 7060 

Angelina earrings

Coco earrings

Elizabeth earrings

Eva earrings 

Frieda bracelet

Johanson earrings

Paris earrings

Scarlet necklace

Scarlet bracelet

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