Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Posse Wedding Dresses

We know what it feels like to want that perfect dress for that all-important event of your life! Put a halt to your wedding-gown-shopping woes and frenzy, all you brides-to-be! Posse is now creating gorgeous gowns, with a bit more oomph and drama, to make sure you are that stunning belle-of-the-ball.

Swoon, ladies...

Corset-look bustier with train in lavender


Bustier with sweetheart neck-line and train in aqua


Bustier with lace and train in lavender


The covetous gowns you have just laid your peepers upon are samples available at our store for trying. Posse offers bespoke services and prices start from SGD 1,800 to 2,400. Interested in having a dress woven in your preferred hue? Drop us a line at (+65) 6338-7060 and we will make arrangements for you to have a chat with our designer for 'thee' most beautiful dress you'll ever don.


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