Friday, January 21, 2011

Trioon's Hot-Cake: The Original Abbie Jersey Dress...

Guess who's making a come-back, honeys?! Why, it's none other than our must-have favourite Original Jersey Drape Dress from Trioon! But this time, it's impressing us in a long version instead! Woven in a sexy shade of dark aubergine, this modified take on Trioon's evening-worthy hot-seller that clads you even while shopping downtown, is bound to find its way into your closet, ladies...

'Ooh' at the ways you can drape this on your silhouette...

Cowl it for a flattering bust-line

Slide a side off to reveal your sexy shoulder

Throw it behind the shoulders for a 'boat-neck' look

Dab the corner of your lips, ladies. We know the dress is ogle-worthy, so you'd want to place your pre-order with Grace at, or 6338-7060, by 31 January, Monday.


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