Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A moment with Vicky Tay, Designer & owner behind Burgundy

With the upcoming Summer collection launch by burgundy at Trixilini this Friday, we had a chat with Vicky Tay who is the designer/ owner behind Burgundy.

Here are some of the insights from Vicky on herself and her label, Burgundy.

Trixilini: Give us the low-down on Burgundy.


Burgundy is a label that was conceived to bridge the apparent gap between the high street and luxury brands. I like to think of it as a contemporary -luxury label.

The clothes are about feminine chic appeal with a touch of quiet elegance and understated sophistication. There is always a certain nonchalant element to the designs which allows for the wearer to exude an effortless sense of beauty.

I think this comes from a part of me that feels a woman should never be too done up. There is always something so captivating about a woman with a beautiful dress and tousled bedroom hair. There is attitude and confidence written all over her.

Trixilini: Tell us a little more about yourself


I have been interested and learning about fashion since I was 8. I remember that at a very young age I was already noticing the difference between polyester satin and silk satin, or wool blends and polyester blends. I also concluded that I am more drawn to european styles. My favourite brands since I was young are prada, armani, jil sander, calvin klein and now I am also a big fan of YSL, Lanvin and Chloe. There is so much innate elegance in these brands its unbelievable and I love how they expanded the vocabulary of sex appeal to more than just skin revealing or skin tight dresses.

I am an electrical engineer by background which I have no regrets about because it gave me 4 great years in London which I think really further re enforced my love for the chic and elegantly disheveled look.

Favorite colours are mauve, navy, plum, cream, nudes... seems like I love quite a few colours!

Fashion item I cannot live without: Jeans! It is the one item that you can create the most looks with

Favourite food: BBQ crab.. this is not fashion related but considering eating is my other big love in life I tot i add this in.

Trixilini: What’s hot and a must-have in the closet this season?


Anything in the hottest understated shade this season: nude

Trixilini: Recommend us a staple Burgundy piece from your new collection that’s both classic and versatile.


Its hard to pick one so I have picked three:

1) The classically modern body contouring sheath dress that is the perfect day to night

work dress. This season it comes in black and blue and in the finest ottoman stretch cotton imported from switzerland.

2) Summer cuffed shorts with sash belt. This season its about unexpected combinations like a

boyfriend blazer with shorts or a feminine silk shirt with shorts....

3) Front frill wrap-over blouse. Made from soft Japanese lawn cotton, this staple is not just

perfect for our weather its also a great classic piece that can be paired with jeans or shorts

for a smart casual weekend about town or under a blazer for a feminine chic work option.


Jasmine said...

HI there, I chance about this blog when I was searching for the contact of Burgundy. The email add listed on the website is not valid.

Appreciate if you could pass on my feedback about my shopping experience at Burgundy last Fri, 10 Sep which was not very pleasant though I liked the dresses very much and bought 2 of them.

For a brand like Burgundy with the potential to expand and grow, there is a real need to review the current sales service standard at the boutique in Wisma Atria as it doesn't really encourage customers to return, at least not for myself. If I do return, it's because I really like the design.

Thanks and I'm happy to share more if Vicky is interested to know more. Jasmine


Hi Jasmine,

thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear that and would gladly pass on the feedback you have so kindly taken the trouble to leave us with. Would you like to email me at, and I will reply you when I hear from Burgundy? Thank you very much. Looking forward to your email, and have a wonderful Grand Prix weekend! :)