Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heather - Autumn collection

Introducing to Heather's Autumn collection

Every Autumn/Winter collection shows a dark dark black palette. But this season is back with much style. Its rocker goth chic with huge medallions with a shot of vibrant rich colours which screams ladies with personality.

(The pendants here are photographed without the chain, but all necklaces include a pendant + chain. Chains are about 75cm length.)

Bling in my eye collection - $SGD189

This is a 5 piece collection. Only 3 pieces are shown here. Chain is attached as shown in the far right pendant. The flowers are velvet flowers from London's VV Roleaux.
Crystals are large swarovksi rivolis (colours are rich and vibrant)

Rock Chic Bling - $SGD179
(2 piece collection) - from (left); Reinhart's soul, (right); Ice queen comeths. Heather created more of round medallions for Rock Chic Bling, rocker inspired pieces.

Faerie Tales - $SGD179 (3 piece collection)
Top left ; Come with me my love. Top right; Path to the Secret Garden
Bottom; I will show you the way

This collection of Faerie Tales is inspired by a fictitious fairy tale set in the Black Forest during the last hours of autumn where the little girl is being lured to a troll kingdom by (anything but) innocent-looking birds.
Each medallion holds a vintage enamel bird hiding in vintage enamel and brass flowers.
Heather bring forward a differnt take for this Autumn, there are bound to be some blings for everyone this season!

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