Saturday, October 3, 2009

Heather - Halloween Collection

Heather has always been fond of Halloween thus the enthusiasm for an earlier Halloween collection this year! Heather's inspiration came from vampiric romance, a tinge of darkness but more of mystic. It started with the "Lady of the Night".
Get ready for some spooky fun this Halloween!

The Ancient One earring - SGD$129
{Vintage enamel parts + vintage brass bows}

Lady of the Night necklace - SGD$189
(Vintage rhinestones & metal links + 14kt gold chain)

Coffee at Poe's necklace - SGD$159
(Choker with vintage mother of pearl and vintage rhinestones)

The Bat Cave necklace - SGD$159
(Vintage metal links + 14kt gold rope chain)

Will o Wisp necklace - SGD$210
(Vintage mother of pearl links + 14kt gold rope chain)

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