Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day - Love Is In The Air! Part Deux

We're so sorry! How could we have forgotten to include this in our first post on the topic? Fellas, if you're vexing over picking something from our plethora of pretty things, fret not! Here's something that will help make your decision a breeze!

Trixilini Gift Vouchers, pretty in pink.
They come in denominations of SGD 50, and SGD 100,
gift-wrapped in a sealed envelope of a metallic ivory sheen.

Just swing by Trixilini to pick yours up. If you're feeling mighty generous, give us a tinkle in advance, and we'll make sure the lady is all-smiles when she receives her wad of ticket-to-bliss!

Ladies, we know you're sniggering in delight...


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