Saturday, December 3, 2011

Laurel- New Arrivals!

What a delightful surprise this festive season!

Introducing, Laurel! A newly-launched label which offers intricate earring- and necklace-designs crafted in 14k gold or sterling silver, coupled with semi-precious stones and pearls. Laurel beauties are lovingly-made in Australia.

Classic-meets-chic is how Laurel seeks to instantly glam up your outfit. Be careful, ladies! You will be enchanted into sweet innocence!

Ruby Stud Earings with Crochet Gold wire
SGD 59

Mesh Pearl Earings
SGD 99

Mesh Gold Citrine Earings
SGD 99

Mesh Teardrop Pearl Earings
SGD 99

Coin Pearls Necklace
SGD 69

Mesh Gold Citrine Necklace
SGD 89

Why not have them all? Make a splash at any holiday fĂȘte this season with Laurel!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To Trixilini owner,

I think you should be careful with this "Laurel" brand because the pieces are made by an artisan from Israel who has her own shop. The artisan's name is Galit and this is her shop. If you will look closely at her jewelry pieces, it looks like "Laurel" grabbed Galit's photos seemingly without permission.

This is the link to Galit's shop:

This is the link to the citrine earrings:

Be careful. I hope you sort this out. This is not good for business.

Concerned reader.