Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aijek - Spotted on ELLE Magazine (June 2012)

Guess which of your favourite designers was spotted on June's issue of ELLE Magazine?

It's none other than Aijek with its Breathless Shawl Blazer from her debut collection, All About Love! It's no wonder it was picked for the issue's 'Boy Crazy!' spread. It's a little 'andro' without losing a touch of femininity, and one of those essential pieces you need for that savvy layering technique.

Cover of ELLE June 2012

Aijek's Breathless Shawl Blazer in blush

Looks fab' even with a simple tank-top and shorts.

There are but 3 pieces left! And just to make sprinting over to grab yours make even more sense, they're now on a 30% discount... so... Losers, weepers!


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