Friday, February 8, 2013

Have A Prosperous Lunar New Year!

How time flies, ladies! In the bat of your eyelashes, we're now welcoming the brand-new Lunar New Year of 2013! That means the feasting, and shopping, continues!!

We'll be taking a little break while you gather with your family and loved ones, to do the same, so, here are our operating hours this festive season:

CNY Reunion Eve, 9 Feb, Sat - 10AM to 5PM

CNY, 10 Feb, Sun - Closed

CNY, 12 Feb, Tues - 11AM to 8PM

Our usual operating hours from 11AM to 9PM resume the following day where we continue what we do best - fixing all your fashion needs!!

So, have an abundant Lunar New Year stuffed with trays of festive goodies, red packets and warm get-together's all dressed in your CNY-best! 

Team Trixilini

Celebrating being 10 & Fabulously Pink!

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