Friday, April 5, 2013

Aijek - Absence of Time launching Friday, 12 April

Time stands dreamily-still for a moment... as you seek out the whimsical and playfully-girlish details beneath the gorgeous threads and modern silhouettes that are timeless. There is a sudden absence of any reservations... 

...and you know you just HAVE to be seen frolicking around in them ALL this Spring!

White lies contrast dress in Sky Blue

White Lies Lace Dress

White Lies Lace dress in Navy

Alice Shawl-blazer in Indigo
SGD 269

Floating Bubbles Silk Tank Dress in Print

Floating Bubbles Silk Blazer in Print
SGD 349

Floating Bubbles Silk-cardigan in Print

Alice One-shoulder Pleated Top in Aqua
SGD 139

Also available in Black.

Alice One-shoulder Draped Dress in Aqua
SGD 319

Rebirth Balloon-sleeve Blouse in White
SGD 179

Rebirth Balloon-sleeve Blouse in Black
SGD 179

Wonderment Lace-insert Fan-top in white (also available in Black, and Sky-blue)
SGD 139
Spade & Shovel Skirt in Navy (also available in Yellow, and Rouge)
SGD 159

Wishbone Tank Dress in Navy/Turquoise (also available in Yellow/Mustard)
SGD 199

Also available in Navy/Turquoise

Wishbone Tank Top in Yellow/Mustard
SGD 139

Wonderment Lace-insert Fan Top in Sky-blue (also available in Black, and White)
SGD 139

Floating Bubbles One-shoulder Silk Dress in Print (also available in Sage)
SGD 299

Floating Bubbles One-shoulder Top in Print
SGD 169


Floating Bubbles Drape-cardigan in Fleur (also available in Sage, and Print)
SGD 169

Also available in Black
Kite Cut-out Dress in Indigo
SGD 239

Lucia Bat-wing dress in Navy (also available in Rouge, Grey, and Mustard)
SGD 279


Lucia Bat-wing Dress in Grey
SGD 279
White Lies Shirt-dress in Black (also available in White)
SGD 269

White Lies Shirt-dress in White
SGD 269
Also available in Black



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