Thursday, May 9, 2013

What to Wear - Aijek's Alice Blazer with Floating Bubbles Tank Dress

Here's a fun and chic take on an otherwise serious-looking blazer! Throw on Aijek's new Alice Blazer, boyfriend-style in cobalt-blue with a cute contrasting lining you must show, over her easy-to-wear Floating Bubbles-printed Silk Tank Dress!!

This duo will take you anywhere - casual Fridays at the office, relaxing weekends as you trawl the malls, on a holiday to a chic city somewhere on the atlas, or even just picking your kids up from school and looking awesome!

Don't forget the metals-and-stones to top off the look!

Alice Shawl Blazer in cobalt
Floating Bubbles Silk Tank Dress in print

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Celebrating being '10 & Fabulously Pink!'

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