Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stop Traffic In Gorgeous Dresses (With $20 Off Every $100 Spent On AIJEK)!!

Look! Even our mannequins are all dressed up for the Grand Prix weekend!! Don't you just LOVE those gorgeous hues?!

It's all about being bold and sexy, so how about picking out your traffic-stopping outfits for this weekend's races and parties with, of course, your $20 discount with every $100 spent on Aijek's regular-priced apparel?!! Your treat packs and leaves with the F1 races and parties at the end of this Sunday, 22 September, so race on over right now!

(L): Lucia Batwing Dress in rouge (SGD 279)
(styled with a silver-plated-metal-threads/rosegold-plated-chain-necklace from Orietta Martin, SGD 627)

(R): Kite Backless Dress in lime (SGD 249)
(styled with a necklace with honey-amber stones from Coveted Collective, SGD 49)

The sexy peek-a-boo's...


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