Friday, January 24, 2014

Trixilini's Lunar New Year Dinner

Hello, ladies!

We'd just like to share a few shots of the food we chowed down happily at our annual Lunar New Year dinner at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, Paragon, on Wednesday! 

We can't well enter the Lunar New Year without first -ing鱼生 (lao yu sheng), now, can we? 

Chef carves the bird in front of us.
Check out the gleam on its crispy skin. We couldn't wait to savour it all!
Did you ladies notice how the slices of meat were arranged on the dish-with-a-duck's-head to look like its feathered wings? Cute.

Next on the table was Spinach Egg Bean-curd nestled on vegetables and topped with prawn bits and crisps, and Black Pepper Beef. Yummy!

There were fried rice and mango dessert too but we licked them all up and forgot to take pictures. Oops! Till next year, have a blessed, prosperous, gastronomic New Year!! 


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