Monday, June 23, 2014

AIJEK: Additional 10% Discount On Sale Items (25-29 June)

The last leg of our weekly GSS treats, this is the sale truly worth you going gaga over! Past season (but never out-of-style) gems you missed out on have had their price-tags slashed and if that isn't awesome enough, we're letting you put an additional 

10% discount on your first on-sale item,
15% discount on two on-sale items, or
20% discount on three or more on-sale items

on our tab!!

Here're more juicy bits!

If you missed getting your hands on AIJEK's sexy Endless Stories Cut-out Lace Tank, here's your last chance! We have just ONE piece and it's in a size 2 (medium)! Too big for you? Hey, nothing a good seamstress can't fix! AND... It's on sale!!

Not done yet! We've also managed to sneak for you a piece from AIJEK's gorgeous debut collection - a not-your-average-white-silk-blouse (size 2) that's decorated with pretty pleats!

Finally, an EXCLUSIVE sleeveless top from AIJEK in black contrasted with a white Peter-pan-style collar, and complemented with a long, slim key-hole in the centre-front, for a bit of fun! Also in size 2 only.

Clock-wise from top left: Endless Stories Cut-out Top in white (front and back), Sleeveless Top with Peter Pan collar in black and white, Hide & Seek Pleated Blouse in ivory

It's the final countdown, ladies! See you real soon!


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