Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Let's Do A Detox With Hic'Juice! - 10% Discount this Saturday till 31 August

Psst! Ready for that juicy news we told you about last week? 

Well, it was Friday, and we needed something exciting to kick-start our weekend with... We found ourselves at The Juice Room by hic'Juice at 27 Boon Tat Street, level 2.

Clean and cosy -  just the way we like it (and how we're going to feel).

'Detox' - a relatively new addition in the fashion dictionary!

Yes, it has met our ears, but has it been introduced into our lives? We decided to get better-acquainted with this juicy trend!

hic'Juice was our match-maker. Turned out it was the brainchild of one of our long-time customers, Li Hui; now, that's definitely going to help things along!

Founded in November 2013, hic'Juice is organic, raw, and cold-pressed.

Raw and organic = pesticide-free juices

Cold-pressed =
- tremendous pressure applied for the extraction of nectar directly from the pulp.
- won't oxide or degrade the fruits and vegetables, keeping nutrients and enzymes intact. (unlike blending/grinding)
- closest thing to raw, pure fruit or vegetables, allowing concentrated nutrients that would otherwise be difficult to achieve just by eating raw fruit and vegetables alone.

hic'Juices are unpasteurised too, so you get the added benefits of living enzymes from your juice.

Now, we know... And we certainly liked what we heard. It was time to do something about all the artery-clogging foods, late nights, and generally crazy lifestyles we have. 

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hic'Juice is available in individual 250ml-bottles at The Juice Room.
Check out those bottles-in-a-bag! That's your 1-day detox-supply (6 x 500ml bottles), carefully concocted and scheduled according to your daily nutritional needs (science is backed by a qualified nutritionist).

Grace is going with an en vogue green juice today.
Look at all those powerful cleansing ingredients packed in copious amounts in one little 250ml bottle. Makes you feel cleansed just looking at it.
Kim tries out their new Citrus Chia which was naturally sweet and a pleasure to drink.
Our bottles were empty in no time!

Pictures with the savvy lady behind it all, Li Hui! Thank you for showing us the light!
Grace in Transient Blazer in ivory, Beginnings V-neck Camisole in purple, and Unfold Embroidered Mini Skirt in navy.
Kim in Love Knot Tank Dress in purple.
All from AIJEK.

We're SO sold! It's time to 'reboot, restore, and be reborn'! Watch out for juice on Kim's hic'Juice detox-transformation which starts today until Friday!

Want to get in on the action? Come Summer-shopping with us this Saturday, 26 July, for a taste (complimentary 250ml bottles will be served. While stocks last!)! You'll also get a coupon-code that entitles you to a 10% discount on any of their detox programmes on their website (, valid till 31 August 2014!

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