Friday, November 13, 2015

We Have Good News - Scarlet Rewards

Is Scotts Square one of your favourite shopping and dining destinations?

Enter the Scarlet Rewards privilege card - where you enjoy exclusive promotions^ at participating stores and earn points as you shop and dine at Scotts Square. 

Redeem rewards including parking rebates, taxi vouchers and Scotts Square gift vouchers with your points. To become a member, simply spend SGD80 on a single receipt from now till 31 December 2015 (From 1 January 2016, shoppers would have to spend a minimum of SGD1,000 over 3 months)
For more details, click here for full terms and condtions or enquire at the mall's Concierge Desk on level 1.
Earning Points
Members earn 1 point for every SGD50 spent on a single receipt (receipts from FairPrice Finest will earn 1 point with every SGD100 spent on a single receipt).
Earning of points is limited to a maximum of 50 points per shopper per receipt, and 200 points per shopper per day.
Redeeming Rewards
2 points SGD3 parking rebate
3 points SGD5 tax voucher
15 points SGD10 Scotts Square gift voucher
70 points SGD50 Scotts Square gift voucher
Redemption of rewards is limited to a maximum of (per member per day):
1 x SGD3 parking rebate
3 x SGD5 taxi vouchers
SGD200 worth of Scotts Square gift vouchers

Come shopping to bag your own Scarlet Rewards.


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