Friday, January 15, 2016

Kim and Grace Visits Pure Yoga

Having stepped into the brand new year of 2016, it's time to start on a clean slate and work off all that wining and dining before the next round of feasting begins in February. 

We decide to start torching festive calories by trying out Wall Rope Yoga at Pure Yoga, Ngee Ann City. 

Upon arrival at Pure Yoga, an immediate sense of intimacy is felt through the decor and lighting. The concierge is long and generous, and with warm reception, you're made to feel very welcomed.

Not forgetting how retail therapy is always welcomed by their mainly female members, there is an apparel section on the right of the entrance, well-stocked with what you should be seen flaunting while getting fit.

We couldn't resist picking out an outfit each from their in-house label, PURE APPAREL!

On our way to the changing rooms, we walk by the lounge area which is the perfect pre- and post-workout chill-out spot. Flip a magazine as you sip on some tea provided.
Want to do some surfing on your mobile phone? No worries about battery-drainage. There're mobile-phone charging stations. 

We were pretty impressed with the changing rooms and shower facilities. Felt more like a spa's.
Classy mosaic and marble tiles, towels within your reach, lockers with digital combination-locks, and...

... one of our favourites - a rain-shower in each cubicle for that perfect post-work-out wind-down!

So, it's time to start the work-out and Sandy, the Wall Rope instructor for-the-day, gives a brief introduction for the benefit of newcomers. As its name suggests, we engage in exercises using adjustable ropes/straps fastened at different points on the wall. 

We had to look the part, so we're decked in PURE APPAREL, as we start by stretching our fronts while going into bit of back-bends as we tip-toe as far as we could from the wall,  holding on to the handles of the straps.

Stretching our shoulders and arms, Sandy corrects our stance.

Sandy shows us the next move. 

We tried it too, with reasonable success! :)

Change the handles for a thicker, padded strap and we moving on to something more challenging.
Kim, with the topmost of her thighs supported by the band, stretches her arms and body as far as possible to elongate her torso.
With interlocking fingers, she stretches her arms behind her, squeezing her back muscles. This helps increase flexibility and relieves tension and stiffness.

Holding another rope with one hand, we had to twist as much as possible. With the other hand holding on to one of Sandy's ankles as she walked in the opposite direction, you get a deeper stretch. 

Work those arms, Kim!

Monkeying around!
We attempted different poses with the assistance of Sandy, of course!

Ta-da! We're starfishes!

Next, Hot Yin (Warm & Relaxing Stretch)! Perfect for winding down after a day's activities, this slow-paced class in a heated room (Yay! More calorie-burning!) relaxed our muscles for a deeper stretch with grounded poses each held for a couple of minutes. Strangely, we had more energy and no lethargy after a work-out. 

Fab' news, ladies!
Pure Yoga supports our resolution to get fit in the new year by hosting a private vinyasa class exclusively for all you Trixilini fans!
(No worries if you're a beginner! Pace and poses will be modified to suit you ladies!)

27 January 2016, 7PM @Pure Yoga, Ngee Ann City

It's time to fulfil our promises to ourselves!
Sign up with us now and get toned for the brand new year of 2016!
Call +65 63387060/email on by 22 January.


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