Friday, July 23, 2010

"I Am Woman!" Event Highlights

Ladies, ladies... once again, you've proven to us that you really know how to spoil yourselves and have fun! Our event, "I Am Woman!" held on Wednesday evening was a major success thanks to our sponsors, partners, designers, and most of all, you!! We could not have done it again and again without your tireless support! Trixilini hearts you!

It was a crazy 3 hours but there's always time to sneak in snapshots of some of the action!

Max Brenner's cheese brownies, chocolate fudge, truffle mousse and chocolate chip cookies were to die for!! We pretended not to notice fingers going for seconds and "thirds" (and probably a few more. Ok, we'll stop teasing!)

If there's anything worth putting on pounds for, it's Max Brenner

Ok, 'fess up! Who stole the fudge before the show even started?!

Of course, would any party be complete without bubbly? We, and Beam Global Asia, think not! That's why we heard the clinking of glasses with Buehler Vineyard rose and red wine through the night as you ladies celebrated with your friends, and shopping bags, no doubt!

Pour us some of that bubbly, please!

Double trouble!

And now we look on and wait... in agony.

Ah, our first two guests - Ivy and Chloe

Jasmine and Adrick

Kim (in Posse's Alexandra) with her besties - Eleanor, Yvonne, and Wendy. Lookin' good, ladies!

One of our loyal customers, Lina, and her terribly sweet hubby, Joseph

Trixilini ladies, Sarah and Alicia

Kim and Alicia still looking sober!

Angelina with Kim

Lina with Reverie designer, Angelina

Patricia, Kim, Lina and Joseph

*Sigh*... all in a day's work... until our next party, ladies!



Anonymous said...

Hi, is the necklace that Kim wearing from Trixilini? Is it still available? Thankyou.


Hi there, we're so sorry this reply is coming so late. We've just gotten news that she's no longer able to get her hands on the parts used. However, if you're interested in having something customised, we could arrange for a meeting between you and our Felz & Nez designer at Trixilini. Do let us know via email ( or phone (6338-7060).

Thank you and have a lovely Grand Prix weekend!