Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cocotte - French Fare at Wanderlust Hotel

Located on the ground level of Wanderlust Hotel, Cocotte is a casual restaurant that serves up unpretentious, rustic French cuisine while its cosy atmosphere dispels any inhibitions and encourages social interaction and communal dining.

Laid-back design of the main dining area

Communal dining is encouraged with these fun, colourful chairs

The bar to chill at over drinks

Alright, ladies. Bon appetit!!

Mussels in a pot

Fried Tripe

Poulet Roti

Roast Pork-Collar

Citron Tart

Basque Cake

We don't know about you, but all that eye-balling has worked up a huge appetite for Cocotte!! We're definitely storming to the Lady of Leisure event this Saturday from 2-5PM to try and snag a complimentary set-lunch voucher!

Cocotte is situated at:

No. 2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494

Tel: (+65) 6298-1188

Opening hours:

1200 - 1430 hrs


Mondays to Thursdays
1830 - 2230 hrs

Fridays to Saturdays
1830 - 2300 hrs

Restaurant closed on Sundays

Bar Hours:

Sundays to Thursdays:
1200 to 2300 hrs

Fridays to Saturdays:
1200 to 0000 hrs


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