Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flaming Queen - Home-fragrances

Psst! If you, like us, are a sucker for scents and a lover of home-fragrances, we've got something to share that you will thank us for!!

Flaming Queen, a luxury home-fragrance boutique that specialises in quality reed-diffusers and scented candles, is your newfound haunt! A believer that any small room can be royally-rich and magical with their products, we advocate you smell and feel good with Flaming Queen this minute!

Here's the lowdown on the yummy brands you can expect to sniff out at their boutique:

Flaming Queen candle

Flaming Queen's in-house scented candles are moulded with premium perfumed-oils and -waxes from France, allowing them to burn exquisitely and smokelessly down to the last drop of wax. Guess who's a fan? Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh, favours the Mimosa, and Tige de Bambou scents. If it's good enough for her, it's fabulous enough for us!

Seda France

Having earned a reputation for exceptional scents, O Magazine (The Oprah Magazine) says Seda France candles are "heaven-scented", with "packaging... so charming, they don't need gift-wrapping." Now, that's a compliment! Apart from having been recommended on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Seda France has also been touted on Martha Stewart Weddings, Instyle, and Tatler, as "the gift of luxury"! Enough said!


Encased in flacons of exquisite Italian glass in a timeless design, LINARI's Eau de Parfum distributes itself unobtrusively, allowing you to use different fragrances in adjacent rooms without manipulating the scent-scensation. Their lids are carved out of solid fine-grained woods; their labels, manufactured from fine satin and micro-silk, and their evaporating sticks, made of high-quality tropical plants.

Sophistication in a bottle...

Dayna Decker

Sharing Oprah's favour with its Seda France-counterparts, Dayna Decker represents a range of EcoCouture home-ambience, and bath and body products, which are animal-friendly and environmentally-kind. Her botanical-wax candles which burn clean, bear her signature EcoWood-Wick, which burns cleaner than ordinary cotton ones. We like that! We also love her seductive packaging with gorgeous photography that leaves us smiling.


Now, we found this to be of ticklish-interest. It's got a motto, "Spray it in the bowl before you go, and no one will ever know!" Yes, you're a smart cookie! With secret-blends that rely on essential oils, Poo-pourri does more than just improve air-quality, it's environmentally-friendly. We think every bathroom needs one (or two) of these adorable, little things.

This Saturday, come shop with us at Trixilini in olfactory-delight! Scent-around-store proudly sponsored by Flaming Queen! Ooh! And you might get your hands on an SGD 20 voucher (applicable against a minimuim purchase of SGD 100) you could use at Flaming Queen when you join us this Saturday!

Flaming Queen is located at:

333a Orchard Road
Mandarin Hotel Shopping Gallery
Singapore 238897

Tel: (+65) 6737-0801


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