Wednesday, September 21, 2011


'Chic simplicity' marries 'eco-friendly comfort', and voila! Cosset is born! Fuss-free understatements, these basic inner-garments made of bamboo viscose are lightweight, breathable, and extremely soft-to-the-touch (think 'silk' and 'cashmere-jersey' against our body. Ooh...). Did we mention they were surprisingly endurable, with the ability to withstand multiple washes? Mileage! Nice!

And... with natural moisture wicking, and thermal-regulating properties, making us feel cool and comfortable throughout the day, Cosset is perfect for our weather! Ah, music to our ears, best friend to our skin...

Bralette in a set of 2
SGD 50

Boyshorts in a set of 3
SGD 55

Thongs in a set of 3
SGD 55

Cropped leggings, T-shirts, and maxi slip-dresses are also available in black, nude, ink-blue, and pale green. Yippee!!


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