Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yumi Kim - New Arrivals

We're in on the F1-fever, and we know you need those fab dresses to rock the track; so we'd like you to know, that Yumi Kim is here again!

Jayne Dress in Blue

Yumi Top in Jemstar

Yumi Dress in Jem Star

Yumi Dress in Reef

Jayne Dress in Purple

Lizzie Top in Grey

Goddess Dress in Pop Art

Lizzie Top in Jacquard Violet

Rizza Dress in Purple

Jayne Dress in nava Black Stripes

Claudia Jacket in Blush

Hold on to your pretty dresses, ladies, and don't blink, because the line of race-cars are going to zip by so quickly, you won't even know it!


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