Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Anna Sui

Transform into 'Queen of the Night' as you rule and command the stars, or 'Magical Princess' as you cast your charms on unsuspecting suitors, with Anna Sui's Christmas palette. Brush on those mesmerising, shimmery hues and you are the belle of the ball.

And while you're getting lost in the enigmatic world of Anna Sui, fantasise about that 'Forbidden Affair' with their latest fragrance that prompts you to take a chance on what you would have otherwise held back on. A whiff of this to live your fairy-tale fantasy...

R.S.V.P. by this Thursday for our 'Secret Diary: Fantasy In A Whimsical Wonderland' event and you might just get to be made-over by make-up artists from Anna Sui, and snag a bottle of 30ML 'Forbidden Affair' fragrance for yourself! Ooh!!!


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