Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Secret Diary: Fantasy In A Whimsical Wonderland - Event Highlights

Woah! We've just recovered from our hangover!! We had such a fabulous time with you ladies on Saturday last week getting primped by Anna Sui, nibbling on Beschle Chocolatier Suisse's chocolates, having your pictures taken, and going absolutely crazy over our brand-new label, Aijek!! Our 'Secret Diary: Fantasy In A Whimsical Wonderland' party was a blast, thanks to you all (and our kind sponsors), as always!!

And, of course, pictures paint a thousand words, so here are some moments proudly and very vividly brought to you by Leica!

A top-down approach on the mountain of Doritos we thought would be fun to build

Isn't the Anna Sui dresser gorgeous? Look at their whimsical Christmas packaging and fun colours!
We're almost ready for you ladies! Now, where are those chocolates we've been dying to have?

Ooh!! You look so good I wanna make you mine!
Check out Beschle Chocolatier Suisse's Advent Calendar (right at the back, standing) truffle box for Christmas this year! You don't have to wait for Christmas Day to enjoy your gift! Be surprised with a different fine chocolate-truffle flavour every day of December till then! Fab' as a gift-idea! It retails for SGD 65. Check it out at their counters!

Before you ladies came by, we took a quick peek at the goodies in the bags for you!

A 30ML bottle of Anna Sui's latest fragrance 'Forbidden Affair', a bag of chips from Doritos ('fiery garlic' or 'grilled chicken basil') or Lay's ('swiss cheese' or 'kyushu seaweed'), a box of fruity drops from Lakerol ('lemon' or 'cassis'), a 30% treat from For The Love Of Laundry on your first bill, and a special privilege from The Bank Bar + Bistro, and on Philip Kingsley's Hair & Scalp Treatment (last two items not photographed)

Maddy with Irene (looking lovely in Aijek's Secret Hideaway Cardigan in Ivory) get a quick shot together before continuing their chat with....

One of our first few guests, Joanne, looking resplendent in Posse's Greta gown.
Her locks look so awesome with the frock, don't you think?

Oh, look! It's Kristl in her pretty Yumi Kim Lizzie dress!

We know who you are, Keron, and we're not trying to mess with you over the two missing chocolates you have in your hands.

The ladies from Anna Sui weaving their magic on our guests.

Here are clicks on a few of the pretty ladies...

Voila! Nadia looks lovely!

The Leica D-Lux 5 Titanium at work (see it peeking on the left?)

Yvonne looking pretty in Anna Sui's Christmas colours!

Gorgeous Emi checking out Choo Yilin Jewellery after her make-over. Love the eyes!

Things are getting a little busy...

But we managed to steal a nice shot of Wendy anyway.

Kristl (rocking the Aijek Love Knots Persimmon Mini) with Gwen

Aww... Isn't Gwen's little princess such a darling?

Stephanie and Annabelle drop by for a piece of the action. Spot their super cute luxe stingray clutches from Janina!

Marilyn and Gloria taking a little breather

Winnie (in Yumi Kim's Goddess dress in Violet Tulips), Kim (in Yumi Kim's Cleo maxi in Garden Party) and Pei Chua (with one of her huge bags of purchases for the day)!

Laurel and Kelly (working Aijek's Love Knot Handkerchief Mini in Ash) after being dolled-up by Anna Sui. You look fabulous, ladies!

And, that's a wrap, everyone! Watch out for more exciting happenings soon!


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